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The fun never ends at Sentosa, indeed! Our favorite island getaway has recently announced a series of SentoSights tours in line with its 50th Golden Jubilee celebrations. If you’re planning your trips to the island resort soon, we want to help you maximize your spending with these juicy offers – Get 50% off your 2nd purchase of Sentosa FUN PASS™ and Sentosa dining vouchers when you pay with your Mastercard from now till 31 March 2022.

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Sentosa FUN PASS™

Sentosa FUN PASS™ gives you 180 days of fun from the date of purchase! With the Fun Pass, you can pick and choose your amazing experiences while saving money at the same time. Buy more and save more:

  • 60 tokens at $60
  • 90 token (+5 FREE) at $90
  • 120 tokens (+10 FREE) at $120

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There’s something for everyone, whether you want to experience an adrenaline rush or go for family-friendly adventures. Here are some attractions we think you would love a visit to:

1. SkyHelix Sentosa

Catch a flight on Singapore’s tallest open-air panorama attraction – SkyHelix Sentosa! The spectacular 360° vistas that reach from Sentosa to the Keppel Bay region and the Southern Islands will wow you as you sit comfortably in a gently rotating open-air gondola ascending to a height of 79 m above sea level. Grab your refreshing beverage and relax while on board. No air turbulence guaranteed.

2. iFly Singapore

Inside the world’s leading themed wind tunnel, which is 16.5 ft wide and 56.5 ft tall, you may fulfill all of your flying fantasies. This indoor skydiving encounter also includes a spectacular sight of Siloso Beach and the South China Sea as you take on the expertly-led adventure within a wind tunnel with 18 ft tall acrylic glass walls. Wave to your friends and loved ones at the observation deck while you’re at it!

3. Trickeye @ Southside

Experience the mind-boggling optical illusions at the new Trickeye @ Southside before the world of travelers sees it. Reconnect with fresh yet familiar art installation displays that will reframe your perceptions. We recommend downloading the Augmented Reality App, which allows you to interact with the showcases at the AR Trickeye Zones. Need a fresh load of social media content? You will adore the Instagram-friendly Rainbow Garden, where a multi-colored feast welcomes you.

4. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Did you know that at Adventure Cove Waterpark, you can take a swim with over 20,000 sea creatures? There’s a ripple of excitement lying in wait for the adventurous and ocean lovers, from racing down high-speed water slides to gliding peacefully along a meandering river and swimming up close with silvertip, sandbar, and hammerhead sharks.

5. Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett

Need to destress? Why not challenge yourself to a leap from our sunny island’s 50-meter-high Skypark Sentosa Bungy tower? We’re behind you in spirit whether you want to dive headfirst or toss a somersault off the ledge. Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett also has a 40-meter Skybridge walkway with see-through areas and a 120km/h Giant Swing that will send you screaming out loud.

Sentosa Dining Vouchers

After a full day of fun under the sun, don’t neglect your tummies’ call for yummy food. Thanks to Mastercard Exclusive 50% off 2nd dining voucher purchase, Mastercard holders can take advantage of this deal to score themselves great savings.

All you have to do is to add the F&B vouchers of your preference to the cart, key in the promo code, and receive a 50% discount on the second coupon (of the same amount). Following a successful purchase, you will immediately receive a PDF copy of your F&B vouchers via email, which you may use within 90 days of purchase at the corresponding F&B establishments. A maximum of two vouchers per transaction applies.

Here are the places you can dine at:

Mess Hall

1. Royal Taj Sentosa

Click here to buy a $50 Royal Taj F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo code “MC50” to enjoy.

Step into the F&B establishment in a refurbished colonial building and you will be greeted with sophisticated décor and a modern dining setting. Royal Taj will give you a flavor of heritage via delicious Indian cuisines with a contemporary touch. Naan, curries, tandoori kebabs, and delectable biryanis are among the many delicacies offered. The all-day dining menu, executive lunch, and spectacular dinner buffet spread also include a variety of vegetarian and international specialties.

2. Quentin’s Bar and Restaurant

Click here to buy a $50 or $100 Quentin’s F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo codes “MC50” or “MC100” respectively to enjoy.

Quentin’s Bar and Restaurant focuses on a semi-fine dining approach that is typically communal and takes pleasure in creating unique and flavorful meals using recipes passed down through the decades. Enjoy classic Eurasian dishes like Chicken Curry Debal while sampling creative spins on classic sweets like the restaurant’s unique Sago Gula Melaka Lava Cake.

Beach Clubs

3. Coastes

Click here to buy a $100 Coastes F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo code “MC100” to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a quiet brunch with the family, Coastes is the place to go at Siloso Beach, one of our little red dot’s nicest beaches. The safe and clean beach and shallow seas will keep the kids occupied before and after their meals. The menu includes kid-friendly favorites such as spaghetti, hamburgers, and sandwiches, as well as a curry laksa for any who favor Asian cuisines. Coastes makes a terrific choice for all-day meals or perhaps a chilled beer by the beach.

4. SummerHouse Beach Club

Click here to buy a $55 Summerhouse Beach Club F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo code “MC55” to enjoy.

Coastal food, refreshing beers, concocted cocktails, and spectacular views abound at Siloso Beach’s most exciting beachside eating place. While you devour the Triple-Up Beef Burger or the Seafood Marinara Linguine at the Summerhouse Beach Club, take in the sweeping Siloso beach surrounding sights and witness thrill-seekers take their exciting jump from the AJ Hackett Bungy.

Family Friendly

5. Marrybrown

Click here to buy a Marrybrown Family Deal F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo code “MCMB2” to enjoy.

Look no farther than Marrybrown to satiate your hunger. This halal-certified Malaysian brand specializes in fried chicken hamburgers, chicken meals with coleslaw and mashed potatoes, and even nasi plates with chicken and rice topped with a delicious kari gravy. Your little ones will love it for sure!

6. Co + Nut + Ink

Click here to buy a $10 or $20 CoNutInk F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo codes “MC10” or “MC20” respectively to enjoy.

To cool down after a warm day at the beach, try the island-appropriate pure coconut water or delights like coconut flesh smoothies, coconut ice cream, and iced sweet treats served in a coconut with a variety of toppings to choose from. To prepare their cool tasty creations, Co + Nut + Ink exclusively utilizes best-grade whole fresh coconuts, so you get only the most premium quality for your taste buds.

Dining with a View

7. Sabio by the Sea

Click here to buy a $50 or $100 Sabio by the Sea F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo codes “MC50” or “MC100” respectively to enjoy.

Sabio’s Sentosa Cove location offers a consistent menu of Spanish bar snacks and appetizing mains including paella and smokey meat and seafood grilled on their Josper grill. Multiple imported types of Jamon, Chorizo, and Spanish cheese are also available. Pair their dishes with your favorite glass of wine, Sangria, or non-alcoholic drinks on the menu.

8. Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro

Click here to buy a $50 or $100 Arbora F&B voucher and get the 2nd voucher at 50% off when you pay with Mastercard. Apply promo codes “MC50” or “MC100” respectively to enjoy.

From its unique perch on Mt Faber, this dining place atop a hill offers unparalleled views of the cable cars, the forested hills, Harbourfront, and Sentosa. Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro is a garden-themed F&B establishment with an extensive cuisine that is ideal for romantic events, unforgettable dinners, and just about everything else.

Before we go, here’s a reminder to slap on some sunscreen before you head under the sun. It’s going to be scorchingly hot, but we’re sure you will enjoy every single moment of your day out at the island getaway. Click through the link to find out all the exclusive Mastercard promotions ongoing right now before you head over.

The island playground is yours to explore so over to you now!

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