Hunt For A Roommate While Keeping Your Sanity

With the soaring property rates, shared accommodation has become more and more popular in Singapore. Living with roommates is an economical choice, which is often necessary. However, living with someone else is complicated. You need to strike a balance between different personalities and accept the differences in living habits. It may be challenging at first, but you will get the hang of it.

To help you keep your sanity, here are three “roommate hunting” tips:


They say that prevention is better than cure. Prevent personality conflicts from brewing by choosing a roommate carefully. Get to know the person or people that you are moving in with before you make a decision. Are your living habits compatible to the other tenants? Make sure that you like the space for what it is.

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Alternatively, you may visit websites that offer information about your potential roommates. For instance, Easy Roommate lets you upload a profile of yourself and contact some possible roommates. Its search feature can easily provide you an idea of the desirable locations and its local amenities. Give it a try! 


Whenever two or more people are interacting on a regular basis, conflicts are bound to happen. Whether you are settling with your partner or sharing a room with a friend, that is just how life goes. When this happens, remain calm and deal with the conflict in a healthy manner. Discuss the matter with him or her and reach a compromise.

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Manage your expectations by clearing everything out. If you need or want something from your roommate, you must speak up. Setting up rules and expectations earlier on is the best thing to do.


You must talk about management of space in the beginning of your relationship with the roomies. Many people assume that they can leave their items in a shared space, while others find it annoying. Others are happy to share their food in the common fridge, while most people demand permission. Some people may be okay with you walking in when the door is unlocked. However, others would appreciate a knock before opening a door. These are just of the differences that you may encounter.

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So, establish your needs and wants regarding space and encourage others to do the same. They shall reciprocate the amount of respect you give.