EZ-Link released new Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary EZ-Link cards at $20 per set

Celebrate a milestone in cuteness with the newly released Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary EZ-Link cards! EZ-Link is thrilled to announce this adorable addition to your daily commute, available now for just $20 per set. These exclusive cards are more than just a ticket to ride—they’re a journey into the heart of pop culture, commemorating half a century of Hello Kitty and her timeless charm.

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You will get both cards in this set.

Perfect for fans and collectors, these sets are not just functional—they’re fashionable and filled with joy. Hurry and get yours today—these limited edition cards are flying off the shelves on their Lazada store!


EZ-Link released new Sanrio SimplyGo EZ-Link cards featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Kuromi

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EZ-Link has launched an exciting new series of Kirakira Blind Pack Sanrio SimplyGo EZ-Link cards as of April 12, 2024. This exclusive collection features beloved Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, and Kuromi. Fans and collectors can look forward to acquiring all five delightful designs.

These special edition cards are available in Blind Packs at $10 each, adding an element of surprise to each purchase. You can find these packs at any EZ-Link vending machine located in shopping malls throughout the area. To start using your new EZ-Link card, remember to first top it up at a Self-Service Top-Up Machine. Once topped up, you’ll need to activate the card and pair it with the SimplyGo app to enjoy seamless travel and transactions wherever you go.

Don’t miss out on the chance to collect these charming and functional cards, and add a touch of kawaii to your daily commute!

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Winnie the Pooh SimplyGo EZ-Link card now available for $10 each

Introducing the newest addition to your EZ-Link card collection – the lovable and timeless Winnie the Pooh! From March 8th, 2024 onwards, you can bring home this iconic character in the form of a Winnie the Pooh SimplyGo EZ-Link card for just $10 each, inclusive of a $5 load value.

Imagine starting your day with a touch of childhood nostalgia as you tap your way through bus rides and train journeys with Winnie the Pooh by your side. With his trademark yellow fur and round belly, this adorable bear is sure to bring a smile to your face as you commute across the city.

Obtaining your own Winnie the Pooh EZ-Link card couldn’t be easier – simply visit any bus interchange or train station vending machine, where they will be progressively available.


Kuromi Head Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm now available for $24.90

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Introducing the new Kuromi Head Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm, a perfect blend of adorable and edgy style. This unique charm, featuring the beloved Sanrio character Kuromi, is not just a statement piece but also your ticket to easy and stylish commuting.

Priced at just $24.90 each (no load value), they are being rolled out progressively at all EZ-Link vending machines located within shopping malls, making them easily accessible for everyone. Whether you’re running errands, heading to work, or meeting friends, the Kuromi EZ-Link charm adds a touch of personality to your journey.

Before you can start tapping in and out of the transit gates with style, there’s a small but essential step to follow. Make sure to activate your Kuromi charm by topping it up at any ticketing service kiosk. Once it’s loaded with value, pair it to the SimplyGo app to track your travel expenses, top-up on the go, and enjoy the seamless integration of this cute and cool accessory into your daily commute.



Sanrio Characters Room Tour SimplyGo EZ-Link cards now available at $10 each

Get ready to sprinkle some cuteness on your daily commute! The new Sanrio characters Room Tour EZ-Link cards are now available at EZ-Link vending machines in shopping malls for just $10 each. (no load value)

Make your way to Chinatown Point and SingPost Centre’s vending machines to discover exclusive Sanrio characters waiting to join your collection. Before you set off, peek at this link to know exactly where your next cute find is.

Don’t forget, activating your card is the first step towards enjoying features like remote top-ups and reward points with the SimplyGo app. It’s more than a travel card—it’s your daily dose of happiness and cuteness, all rolled into one!

So, why wait? Embrace the charm of Sanrio and make every journey a delightful adventure.

A collector share his finds below:

Photos via John Goh.