Save up to $50 on attractions and tours to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan with Changi Recommends!

The winter holidays are approaching soon and the travel bug is here to bite us again.

On top of saving up to 40% off attraction walk-in prices, Changi Recommends is also holding an even better deal in the month of October – Get up to $50 off with the promo codes below for attractions and tours in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan with their “Wonder Bundle Deals”!

TIP: Merge your purchases together for an even bigger discount, promo codes available below.

We’ve pulled out the best attractions in these destinations and calculated the prices for you below, based on a family of 2 adults and 2 children (aged 14 and 10).



While many of us scramble to drop by Japan during the Spring time to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom, those of us with children who are still schooling can opt to visit Japan during the December holidays instead.

Disneyland, Legoland and Sanrio Puroland are just some of the many theme parks in Japan. With so many fit for kids, you’ll leave them scrambling for more!

Scenario 1 Table (No mergers):


Scenario 2 Table (Merge purchases with Legoland & Sanrio Puroland for the best bang for your buck):


South Korea


Mixing the best of Asian heritage with the rise of contemporary culture, South Korea is a perfect holiday destination for many. You can literally soak in all its rich history by visiting ancient palaces in the day and enjoy the magical view at Namsan Tower lighted up at night.

Wrap your family vacation up with a visit to one of the best theme parks in Asia, Everland Theme Park. What could be better than that!

Table (Merge Everland and Caribbean Island, DMZ Tour and Lotte World for greater discount):




Food, food, and more food! Taiwan is well known for them, made famous from its many night markets and street food options. But that’s not only that Taiwan is known for; you can do many other wonderful activities, from visiting one of the many countryside towns to enjoying a great view of the entire city from the comfort of an observatory 89 floors up. There’s always something for the entire family!

So go ahead and give Taiwan a visit, the cool December weather is a fantastic respite away from the scorching Singapore heat.

Table (Merge all attractions for great savings):


Hong Kong


Visit Hong Kong this holiday season! Home to numerous star-studded attractions and amazing food options, Hong Kong is very much like Singapore. The great cross between being a cosmopolitan city and nature paradise, from its high-rise skyscrapers to beautiful beaches, has given tourists plenty of amazing options to do here.

Be spoilt for choice as you bring your family out for some fun at world-class attractions, such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Madame Tussauds at The Peak.

Table (Merge Ocean Park & Sky100 for more savings):


This promotion is only limited to first 500 redemptions, and these tickets are valid till 30 November, for travels by 28 February 2018. Promotions are only available for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Make your purchase on today!

Country Promo Code Discount
Japan GTJP50 $50 off with min. $300 spending
South Korea GTKR10
$10 off with min. $120 spending
$20 off with min. $220 spending
$30 off with min. $300 spending
$50 off with min. $400 spending
Taiwan GTTW10
$10 off with min. $120 spending
$20 off with min. $220 spending
$30 off with min. $300 spending
$50 off with min. $400 spending
Hong Kong GTHK10
$10 off with min. $120 spending
$20 off with min. $220 spending
$30 off with min. $300 spending
$50 off with min. $400 spending

Valid till 30 Nov, travels by 28 February 2018



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