Genius Ways To Save Money On Your Next Laptop

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A laptop is a computer device designed for users who prefer to keep their workstations portable and lightweight. Even with the popularity of modern products such as tablets and smartphones, laptops remain to be a timeless staple. With an array of choices available, it is best to find the best laptop to suit your preferences, needs, and budget. Here are some tips to help you with that:


Before purchasing anything, it is good to read the reviews and to compare the prices so that your money would not go to waste. For example, if you are planning to purchase a new lipstick, consider searching for Sephora’s products as they are affordable and well-reviewed. And as for your laptop shopping, browse at PricePanda., the leading price comparison website for emerging markets worldwide, provides its users with prices, technical details and other information about the latest gadgets. Aside from Singapore, PricePanda is available in Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mexico and Philippines. Laptops can go for as low as S$269 according to the latest data.


Most consumer advocates agree that extended warranties are a complete waste of your money. If your laptop has a problem, it will most probably present itself within the first few months. And if something happens to your device’s hard drive after the warranty, ask your company’s IT personnel to help you change it.


Many consumers associate the word “refurbished” to “junk or used” products but, that is not always the case. A refurbished product is once returned to the manufacturer due to several reasons such as faulty battery or minor dents. These laptops are then fixed, overhauled, and repackaged for resale. They basically behave and look like brand new laptops but sold at lower prices.

Buy refurbished laptops from established and trusted retailers to ensure safety. You do not want to be fooled by a Sim Lim Square scam artist just because you want to save some cash!


Nowadays laptops are fraught with a multitude of features such as back-lit keyboards, greater storage space, and extra SD card slots. But do you really need to spend thousands of dollars for all these features?

If you are just going to use your laptop for the basics, all you really need is the HP Stream 13. This laptop does not come with the flashy features but it is suitable for simply surfing the net, taking notes or making documents. Unless you are using specialized software for your audiovisual work and high-powered computations, this gets the job done for an extremely affordable price.

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