Bad Money Habits That You Need To Drop When In A Relationship

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Maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other entails stabilizing the disposition of your finances.

Read thru this article to know how bad monetary habits can potentially harm your relationship. Furthermore, you will get an idea on how to conquer these habits.


A healthy long-term relationship is built on trust and transparency. As things get serious with your partner and marriage becomes a viable option, consider discussing about finances. You need to resolve your potential spouse’s money problems before it is too late.

Fully disclosing about your financial circumstance to your partner can be uncomfortable at first but, you have to at least try. Tell your partner about your outstanding debts, financial obligations, income sources, and other assets. This will make you empathize with each other more. From time to time, do not forget to check if your goals are in lined with each other.


Improve your financial state this 2017 by establishing a robust budget. The budget that you created when you were single may be efficient, but you are now budgeting for two. Being in a committed relationship means that you have to take on more expenses with more resources. Begin by studying each other’s spending habits. Then, trim down unnecessary expenses after compromising. You may also adapt the budgeting techniques of your partner.

I, for one, allocate a small portion of my income to date nights. Let us face it! We belong in a generation where it is acceptable for women to split the tabs with their dates. Give this new perspective a chance as a loving relationship is a two-way street.


I know how much travelling can ease the stress of a hard working Singaporean. However, consistently deducting your romantic vacations on your credit card can take a toll on your wealth. Spending money that you do not have is a dangerous habit to possess. Imagine the arguments that boil down due to the frustration of not being able to meet up with the outstanding debts. This is why you must cultivate a travel fund in advance.


According to the internationally-acclaimed book by Gary Chapman, there are five ways to express your love to your partner. These five ways include gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service. Understanding your partner’s love language will help you to strengthen your bond.

I am only going to focus on one love language – the gift giving. For people who place importance on the tangible symbols of affection, it is important to remember your special dates. You are bound to celebrate various occasions together such as anniversaries and birthdays. Not to mention, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Is your wallet ready?

It is a good idea to allocate a budget for gifts before buying one. Otherwise, you have to face budget trimming and other financial woes.


Secrecy is rarely beneficial to a relationship. Research showed that 1 in 10 people considered breaking up with their partners upon the discovery of a financial secret. Millennial participants were even less forgiving as reaped a figure of 1 in 5. These numbers convey how secrets can strain a “loving” relationship.

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The impact of keeping a monetary secret depends on the couple’s income, the item purchased, and the frequency of purchases. Another significant monetary secret is having a stash for escaping the relationship. Having undisclosed assets and secret bank accounts can affect the level of trust given by your partner. The primary source of damage is not money on its own, but it is the unpleasant habit of concealing the truth.

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