4 Telltale Signs that You Don’t Make Enough Cash

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It can be immensely frustrating to feel stuck in a financial rut with no means out. You may think that you earn decent money, but still struggle each month. Whether you are overspending or not making enough money, these problems can lead to big trouble!

Consider these financial issues and how to solve them.


There is a difference between worrying about covering your necessities and worrying about unexpected car repairs. Constant worries about money can keep you up at night.

Put these worries to rest by creating a realistic plan. A budget allows you to plan out your purchases within a certain period. Moreover, an emergency fund can help you cover unexpected costs.


One of the surefire signs that you are having financial problems is your reliance on credit cards to cover all your finances. If you need the help of credit cards to manage between paychecks, your balance can trap you. The solution is easier said than done – stop using your credit cards and leave within your means.


It is important to act quickly when you are not able to pay the bills on a monthly basis. Look for ways to reduce your bills and increase your income.

Start by cutting down your unnecessary costs. Trimming back luxuries across the board such as bringing your mobile plan down and canceling your cable television can help. Instead of eating out, you can cook at home to follow your meal plan.


It is difficult to grow your savings when you are stretched tight each month. However, the inability to create an emergency fund can lead to reliance on credit cards. Eventually, your credit card payments will grow detrimentally.

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Set up an emergency fund by starting slow. You can put aside an extra S$50 per pay period and build from there.

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