4 Highest Paying Jobs That Extroverts Can Excel On

Generally, extroverts have an advantage in the professional scene due to their approachable and outgoing nature. They flow through life in search of interpersonal interactions, leadership opportunities, and new experiences.

That said, here are some of the highest paying jobs that extroverts can excel on:


Average of S$48,834 per year

Financial Advisors or Financial Consultants (FA) are professionals who guide their clients to manage their money, investment options, and asset relocation. But, they do more than that!

They socialize with the clients directly to learn more about their personal goals and financial situations. Furthermore, they face rejection on a regular basis. A circumstance that introverts feel uncomfortable with.

It is an excellent job for extroverts as FAs are constantly exposed to long-term establishment of good relationships between various clients. Yes! The relationship does not diminish after the “sale” is done.


Average of S$59,700 per year

As the name suggests, working in public relations enables you to manage and represent the client’s public image by maintaining quality relationships with others. Especially with the popularity of social media, everyone has the power to share their views on any subject. This is something that the Public Relations Manager should take care of.

Public Relations Managers must have strong interpersonal skills to nurture a network of relevant media contacts and develop a desirable corporate image. They are responsible for directing publicity programs and for clarifying the company’s stand in important issues.

If public speaking, strategizing, and socializing is your thing then, a career in public relations is perfect for you!


Average of S$69,121 per year

Marketing Managers are responsible for supervising advertising, marketing, and promotional staff as well as supervising the organization’s activities. Confidence is necessary as they prepare marketing strategies alongside people with higher positions such as company executives.

Creativity, communication skills, leadership skills, and desire for new challenges are needed as a Marketing Manager. Interestingly, extroverts usually have these amazing qualities!


Average of S$77,698 per year

Lawyers or attorneys represent different individuals, organizations, and government agencies in range of legal matters. Contrary to popular belief, most of their time are spent away from the court. Instead, they communicate directly with the clients and other key people to investigate matters, collect evidence, and draft legal documents.

When in trial, he or she must present the facts and argue legal matters in court while in front of a sea of people. Lawyers must use their wit and communication skills to make the arguments convincing and compelling. That is why this career appeals more to extroverts!

So, how does one become a Singaporean lawyer and earn about S$6,474.83 a month?

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

You must complete a 4-year Bachelor of Law program and succeed in the Bar Examination that includes a 5-month practical Law course. Persevere as most people only move up from their position after 20 years in this field!

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4 Skills That Increase Your Employability And Edge From The Rest

Upon entering the room, every employer is on the lookout for a specific set of skills that is necessary for the vacant position.

You must be aware of these “job-specific” skills as well as the ones that are generally sought after by employers all over the world. Fortunately, most people have these skills to some extent while others can improve these skills through mentorship, training, and professional development.

What skills do you really need in order to get ahead from the rest?


It is no secret that developing good relationships and successfully delivering your ideas is critical in business. Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to get a promotion, communication skills is an asset that will get you to where you want to go.

Communication skills encompasses your ability to fluently converse through written and oral forms. It builds genuine relationships where you can count on others for information and help. Also, it serves as a tool to convey your thoughts on how to improve the organization. Now, that is a sure-fire way to get noticed!


One of the most important commodities on Earth is time. Once it is gone, you cannot take it back nor can you buy it in bulk. Time is very precious and wasting it can result to loss of profits. This is why employers value job hunters that are able to efficiently divide their time to meet the urgent tasks and deadlines.

Great time management skills produce many benefits such as higher productivity, reduced stress levels, and better quality of work.

Always remember that it is healthy to spare some time for yourself and your family too!


Henry Kaiser once said: “Trouble is only an opportunity in work clothes.”

Troubles or problems in the workplace are inevitable. And, having strong problem solving skills can help you manage these daily hurdles. Start by defining the situation and the problem at hand. Then think of the available options, resources, and alternatives. After which, you must analyze and select the best solution.

Showcase your creativity and reasoning abilities by approaching the problems from different angles!


Your ability to continuously learn is possibly the most important skill you need to cultivate your edge from the rest. Formal education and its resulting qualifications are viable. However, lifelong education maximizes your potential to get better jobs and to earn more.

Lifelong learning involves your motivation to deliberately develop throughout the course of your life. As of now, jobs require you to have the basic understanding of computer softwares and applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and emails.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

So whether it is learning a new technological device, a new skill, or a new attitude…there are untapped worlds to discover and many of which can open remarkable opportunities for you! 🙂

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Everything You Need To Grasp About Compound Interest

As an investor, the longer you keep your money on the account, the more you will make out of it. Elevation of your wealth each year is possible because of COMPOUND INTEREST.

With Compound Interest, you will not only earn interest on your principal deposit but also on any interest that is credited to your account. It helps your money to grow at an accelerating rate!

To better understand the concept, here is an illustration:

Say you invested S$50,000 to an account with a 5% interest per year. With the gains you made from compounding, how much would you earn in 3 years?

Year 1: S$50,000+ (S$50,000 x 5%) = S$52,500
Year 2: S$52,500+ (S$52,500 x 5%) = S$55,125
Year 3: S$55,125+ (S$55,125 x 5%) = S$57,881.25

Compounding adds up faster than you may think. As you can see, you earned S$7,881.25 in just three years!

Aside from its definition, here are some things you really need to know about Compound Interest:


The longer you keep your money invested, the greater the rate at which your initial investment produces returns. This is why it is advantageous if you started young. And if your “younger years” passed, the next best thing is to start now.

Calculate the possibilities of your accumulated wealth through a Compound Interest Calculator that is available here.


You do not need to be as financially literate as the people on Wall Street or as rich as Bill Gates because almost any investment will earn a Compound Interest if you leave your account untouched. The same principle and rules apply whether you invested S$1,000 or S$1,000,000.


Yes! Compounding is powerful in almost all the circumstances but, you must not fall into the temptation of getting higher returns through higher risks. Unless you know what you are doing, taking on the higher risks can potentially lead to a chain of bad decisions from now until you retire. It is important to take well-informed and calculated risks to prevent destroying everything you once built.


Compound Interest requires you to sacrifice today to obtain its benefits tomorrow. It only works if you allotted time and effort in growing investment. The results may seem small at first but, you must persevere.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Certainly, its future rewards are greater than the sacrifice.

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5 Make-Up Essentials You Shall Invest On

Whether you are someone whose cosmetics bag is filled with products or someone who has no clue what to put in it, the best approach to take is to go back-to-basics.

With a S$66 investment, you can fill your cosmetics bag with these essential beauty products…


BB cream stands for blemish base, beauty balm, or blemish balm. This multi-tasking product  does the job of the moisturizer, foundation, serum, primer, sunblock, and protector. With a beneficial beauty product like this, what more could you ask for?

For a favorable BB Cream within the budget, I recommend Revlon’s PhotoReady BB Cream. Its fragrance-free formula is made with minerals and synthetic broad-spectrum sunscreen. Blend it smoothly as it is made with lightweight and creamy liquid texture. It retails for about S$10.95 at Watsons.


Concealer is a beauty product that helps you get rid of dark circles and other imperfect spots.

Beauty gurus on YouTube have adored Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer that covers blemishes and flaws for up to 16 hours. So, a little application of this creamy tube can go a long way. It comes in four colors namely: light, fair, medium, and dark. Although they have discontinued importing this product here, you can buy it online for only S$12.


A Blush or Blusher’s purpose is to emphasize the cheekbones and to provide a youthful glow. Surely, you will look healthier with “reddish” cheeks.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Purchase Inglot’s Freedom Blush & Illuminator as it marries a matte blush with a radiant illuminator. I recommend items 201-204. Hurry now as its limited stocks retail for S$19 at Zalora!


A good Eyeshadow Palette is able to take your look from day to night. Naturally enhance your eyes with a eyeshadow that compliments your skin. For starters, you can try the beautifully packaged Sephora Collection Wonderful Dreams Eyeshadow Palette.

I fell in love with this palette, the moment I saw it online. It consists of eight soft tones in highly pigmented matte and shimmer finishes. From natural warm tones to intense dark tones, you are sure to create a myriad of gorgeous looks with this palette! It retails for US$10 or about S$14.


The last fundamental beauty product to complete your makeup kit is a trusty gloss! A lip gloss is designed to add a glossy luster and a subtle color. For a lip gloss that looks pretty on every skin tone, opt for nude and coral glosses. Personally, I recommend NYX’s Butter Glosses.

NYX’s Butter Glosses have smooth texture, rich consistency, sweet taste, and subtle pigmentation. Go for a nude gloss called Creme Brûlée, a coral gloss called Apple Strudel, or a pink gloss called Vanilla Cream Pie. Put a bit more at the centers of your lower and upper lips to make it look slightly fuller.

Buy it for S$10 at Sephora outlets or for S$9.30 at Changi Airport.

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5 Clear-Cut Ways To Save Sizable Money As A Tourist In Singapore

If you believe that following your travel budget on one of the most expensive countries in the world is impossible…think again! There are many ways to save a sizable amount of money as you explore Singapore.

Here are just some of them:


Food and beverages is one of the few categories you will be spending more on as you travel. Singaporean cuisine is unique because of its cultural diversity that is influenced by the neighboring Asian countries. So if you are tempted to try all the mouthwatering local dishes, eat at cost-effective food courts called “hawker centres” or traditional coffee shops called “kopitiam”.

Also, save money on water by drinking safely from the tap. Simply purchase a small bottled water for S$2 and refill it again via tap, for free.


Singapore is a haven for food lovers, for digital enthusiasts, and for fashionistas of all ages! It has an abundance of shopping centers. As a first time tourist, shopping for bargain keepsakes for you and your loved ones can be challenging and overwhelming. Ease your search by checking out these posts:

a. Excellent Places To Find Low-Cost Uniquely Singaporean Souvenirs

b. Perfect Places To Buy The Cheapest Perfume And Other Fragrances In Singapore

c. Perfect Places To Buy Cheap Camera And Accessories In Singapore


It is quintessential to find the best place to change the currency of your money especially if you are travelling for a long period of time. Luckily for you, Singapore boasts with an array of licensed and reliable money changers that offer the best rates for most foreign currencies. Save more money by comparing the rates of each shop or by reading this concise post.


Singapore is one of the few countries where walking is recommended and enjoyable. Indulge in the picturesque sights and neighborhoods by walking to and from the tourist attractions. Otherwise, take advantage of the efficient transportation services by purchasing an EZ-Link card instead of paying for each ride.

By using an EZ-Link card, you only pay for the distance traveled, rather than paying for the flat fare. For short trips, save even more by purchasing the Singapore Tourist Pass, which allows you to have unlimited rides for 3 days. Thus costing you as little as S$6.70 a day (T&C apply).


It is no secret that our country has been dubbed as the “Fine City”. The common penalties range from S$200 to S$1,000. For example, you have to pay S$500 per pack once you are caught bringing it inside the country. Some laws are even popular for its outrageous nature such as banning of chewing gums.

Image Credits: Paul Papadimitriou via Flickr

Image Credits: Paul Papadimitriou via Flickr

Avoid breaking the bank by being aware of and complying with the regulations. Be reminded by the warning signs that are plastered islandwide.

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