How To Fool Yourself Into Saving Money


If money could talk, my wallet would be having a farewell party. I am not exaggerating! The weight of the Yuletide Season has been hard on my budget. You see, we are constantly bombarded with flashy sales and social gatherings.

The materialistic temptations becomes harder to resist due to the year-end bargains. Not to mention, the convenience of swiping a credit card makes spending easy!

Fortunately for you, there are other strategies that you can employ to save money. See how much you can potentially save with these four money tricks!


How can you spend money that you do not see? This is no “vanishing coin act”! Instead, I am referring to automating your savings. Setting up an automatic transfer to your savings account can help you fulfill your financial goals. Whether you are looking forward to the night market or the BTS concert in Thailand, your expenses can be covered by your savings.

There is truth to the phrase: pay yourself first. Allotting a portion of your income to personal savings is as easy as allocating a budget for your phone bill. Upon getting into the habit of saving, you will be able to resist the temptation of spending. Ask your bank for guidance in automating your transactions.


As I was walking to a dollar store, I saw an elderly man leaning towards the coin he just dropped. No matter how small a currency may seem, every cent counts. It is only logical to say that keeping your loose change in the course of the year can add up to a few hundreds of dollars! So, consider developing the habit of growing your cents.

Begin by getting an empty jar. You may turn it into an arts and crafts activity by having your child decorate the surface of your jar. Afterwards, empty the contents of your wallet every three days. Pour all the loose change into your decorated money jar. By December, you may exchange these coins for bills at your local bank. Growing your money jar will not only declutter your wallet, but also grow your wealth.


Let us face it! Online shopping has been more prevalent than ever. The mere fact that you can get a blanket set from IKEA Singapore within three business days only shows how convenient it is to shop. The virtual market’s prompt gratification can breed addiction. Personally speaking, a friend of mine gets various packages sent on a weekly basis. It is crazy how each one comes from different parts of the world!

You open more rooms for financial vulnerability by setting up a customer account and saving your credit card information. So, consider deleting your online shopping accounts.

Adding an extra layer of difficulty while shopping gives you more time to weigh whether you really need to purchase an item or not. If you lack courage to delete the information on your own, you may ask the help of your trusted spouse. Who knows? This third party intervention may just be the solution to avoid impulse purchases.


As I was walking inside a fast-fashion store, I realized how random purchases can take a toll into my finances. Stocking up on adorable yet unnecessary items on Daiso can affect my budget for the next day. If only you can ask yourself a single question!

Do you believe that a single question can change your spending outlook? Well, it sure is possible! Who knew that a sequence of words can convince you to leave a shop without a cart full of non-essential items.

Simply ask yourself this: “Did I need it yesterday?” If you do not need it yesterday, you probably do not need to buy it today. By asking acknowledging whether an item is a need or want can help you stick to your budget.


Saving money does not have to be a chore! May these easy tricks help you reach your savings faster than you would have thought.

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