Don’t Share These Personal Issues In The Workplace!

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Personal issues includes your family drama, emotional difficulties, boyfriend problems, and even your outstanding debt. These private issues can impact your ability to advance in your career. Thus, it is ideal to keep things on a balance beam. Put your “private life” on one end and the “work life” on another end.

It is inevitable to experience a crossover between these two, but you must deal with it in a healthy manner. Remember that oversharing is not always a good strategy!


As a financial writer, I respect the financial transparency between a husband and wife. I highly encourage open communication in a domestic setting. However, you must draw a thick line in a professional setting. Your co-workers do not want to hear about your financial woes as much as you do not want to hear theirs!

It is possible to earn similar salaries as your co-workers. Thus, you may perceive them as your allies who will emphatize with your financial circumstance. This is not always the case. Being in the same situation does not guarantee that they can provide decent advices to you. Seek professional help.


Workplace dramas spread like wildfire. To prevent this, employers do their best to maintain group harmony. It goes without saying that you should skip stories revolving your previous workplace termoils. I can vividly remember staying away from my co-worker who was utterly open about her unhealthy sexual encounters.

Yes! Stories such as a cheating boss, a dishonest co-worker, and a crazy office party are juicy. However, employers and other individuals tend to frown upon staff members with these type of past. Letting out your dramatic past will affect other people’s perception of your character and your worth ethics. Are you willing to risk those?


In the animal kingdom, a dog manifest its submission by rolling over and exposing its belly. The dog freely reveals his weakness to other trusted beings. You may unintentionally doing the same thing when you share too much about yourself.

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Some of your subordinates may take advantage of your weaknesses by giving you tasks that are beyond your capabilities. Furthermore, it may influence your employer’s decision when considering you for a promotion. Seek to do the opposite by demonstrating your strengths. Demonstrate your worth to the company today!


Let us face it – no marriage is perfect! Just listen to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album. Not even Queen B and legendary Jay Z were spared from cheating scandals. A cheating party, a messy divorce, and a harsh breakup are all parts of life. You are bound to fight with these tides and thrive soon after.

No matter how seemingly acceptable these serious subjects are, you should not blurt out these issues to the workplace conversations. Digging up your relationship disasters communicates that you have a difficulty in separating your workplace and personal lives. This inability to discriminate between the two is a career-limiting trait.


While I was in a recent reunion with my ex-colleagues, our random topics led to sharing our personal views. It was the first time that we talked about our political and religious stances. You see, we usually steer away from these hot-button topics that trigger distinct reactions. Our current social positions allowed us to be more open about these topics. However, sharing our thoughts may have a different impact back when we were in the same workplace.

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It is easy for a casual comment on a particular religious sector to turn into a negative commentary. The negative effect may affect your professional opportunities. As much as possible, you must exercise religious sensitivity and political correctness. Keep these strong beliefs out of the workplace!

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