Clever Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Phone

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Seeing a working landline set is always nostalgic for me. Do you remember when you are limited to making calls in your living room? Well, those days are long gone. These type of sets still exist, but the majority had switched to the portable smartphones.

When choosing the best device on the block, keep these factors in mind:


Whether you are committing to a new phone on a postpaid plan or on its own, you should do your research first. Widen your knowledge to acquire the best possible specifications that money can buy. Take note of the processor, camera quality, and the batter life. You do not want to flush away your hard-earned money on devices that blow up while charging. The wise selection process will give your investment a significant amount of future-proofing.

Say you want to sign on high-end smartphones such as iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Wait for the discounts offered during holidays or the Great Singapore Sale. These type of smartphones hold their resale value over time. Thus, they are easy to sell if you want to upgrade.


The longetivity of your potential phone depends on many factors such as its screen size and its operating system. Any phone that can withstand nine hours of straight 4G LTE browsing has a decent batter life. Other determinants of the battery life includes the batter capacity. Look for a phone with at least 3,000 mAh.

Compare the endurance of the phone that you have been eyeing for by reading various tech reviews.


A worthy investment includes features that are both necessary and desirable. As obvious as this may sound, high-end models includes almost everything that a user can ask for. However, you shall consider mid-priced models if your sole purpose is to do simple tasks such as calling and browsing. There are countless mid-priced models that have the premium features for the fraction of the fancy model’s price.

Remember that you must not pay for something that is beyond what you need.


Our socially connected world embraces the relay of images on popular social media platforms. This is why many users believe that the second most important feature after the battery life is the camera megapixels. Talk about taking the perfect selfie!

But, tech experts beg to differ. Some believe that you must ignore the megapixels in favor of special features such as the dual lenses and lower aperture. Keep these things in mind when you are shopping.

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To prolong the life of your beloved phone or to prevent any costly damages, you must buy a case and a glass protector. I, for one, coat my iPhone with the famed tampered glass. Doing so will boost the phone’s resale value when you are ready for an upgrade.

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