5 Affordable and Kid-Friendly Meal Ideas

Even the pickiest young eaters are sure to love these budget-friendly meal options. Not only do these recipes make it easy to add a serving of vegetables, but they also guarantee a delightful dining experience.

Indulge in dishes like Shredded Chicken Tacos and Iron-Rich Meatballs, which are not just tasty and flavorful but also cherished by the entire family.


Cannot wait for Taco Tuesday? Ideal for midweek meals, this taco recipe is a fantastic choice any day of the week. Swap out beef for moist, boneless chicken thighs and, for added convenience, cook the taco filling in a slow cooker.

This allows you to prepare it in the morning and return home to a delicious meal. Adjust the spice level to suit your children’s preferences for a hint of flavor.

Recipe: Click Here


Transform the classic grilled cheese into a nutritious delight by adding chicken salad. In just 20 minutes, you can whip up a dinner that everyone will enjoy. The secret ingredient? Mayonnaise.

Recipe: Click Here


Loaded with the extra iron crucial for kids’ healthy brain development, these meatballs are a nutritious treat. Serve them over pasta, mashed potatoes, or alongside some crusty bread to soak up the flavorful tomato sauce.

Image Credits: kidspot.com.au

Recipe: Click Here


Crafted from boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders, these crispy chicken “wings” maintain their crunchiness with just a light coating of oil—no deep-frying necessary. Enjoy them as an appetizer or make them the star of your dinner alongside vegetables.

Recipe: Click Here


This simple recipe discreetly incorporates extra veggies, contributing to enhancing the kids’ immune systems. With a cooking time of 35 minutes and a prep time of just 10 minutes, this quick recipe ensures a wholesome meal in under an hour.

Image Credits: kidspot.com.au

Recipe: Click Here

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7 Common Money Mistakes New Parents Make

Managing family finances is an essential skill for young couples to master, especially those who are pregnant and parents for the first time. In fact, financial management not only affects the spousal relationship, but also directly affects the future of the children.

1. Splurging on Children’s Activities

Parents are often thrilled when their children find an activity that they both love and excel in. However, don’t make the mistake of letting your child’s newfound interest turn into your personal identity. While you may relish the role of hockey dad or dance mom, don’t put yourself on financially unstable ground to support your child’s endeavors. It’s one thing to spend thousands of dollars on your kids’ activities, but when you make a late credit card payment because of it or you carry a balance, you can be hit with additional thousands of dollars in interest.

2. Not Creating a New-Baby Budget

One of the most dangerous financial traps parents-to-be can fall into is underestimating the costs of having a baby. That includes the costs incurred before the birth, such as doctor visits and new-baby gear, the costs of the birth and delivery itself, and the expenses that come after, like diapers and baby essentials.

3.Lack of Agreement on Spending Habits and Plans

If a couple does not agree on spending habits and plans, one will always feel “upset” and “frustrated” with the other’s spending. You also can’t save money if your husband is always spending beyond his means. Therefore, the first thing to do is that you two need to agree on your expenses and the family’s savings funds. For example, if you plan to have children, you need to plan an emergency fund specifically set up for them, such as a life insurance package that will accompany your children from the womb to adulthood.

4.Buying Everything New
For some of you, it’s hard to imagine putting your pure, precious newborn into a hand-me-down stroller. But by the time that infant is a few months or years old, you may be kicking yourself for buying new gear.

“I definitely started out buying everything brand-new that I needed,” says Suzanne Brown, author of Mompowerment and a mom of two from Austin, Texas. “Over time I realized I could have borrowed some of the items, like a bouncer or a bathtub to bathe baby, or bought them second-hand. I wish I had started that approach earlier because many items you buy for age 2 and under are used very little.”

5.Thinking You Need Every Baby-related Gadget
Just because a baby item exists doesn’t mean you need it. When you see other parents’ gear, it can be tempting to get your baby the same developmental toy or play mat.

However, your kid really won’t know what they’re missing. While baby blogs and parenting sites may sing the proverbial praises of having a jumper, a play gym, and so on, most little ones are happy chilling on a blanket outdoors or on your living room rug. Save your funds for the toddler years.

6. Failure to Educate Your Children About the Value of Money

Children need to know about the value of money and how to save money from an early age. Depending on your child’s age, you can turn this into a fun game, so that he/she can understand and form the following ideas: Why do I have to save money? How can I save money?

7. Forgoing Available Tax Breaks
Having a child can offer some advantages at tax time for parents who are eligible to claim certain tax credits or deductions. Some of the tax benefits available to new parents include:

If you are a parent, you may be eligible to claim the Parenthood Tax Rebate of $5,000 for your first child, $10,000 for your second child, and $20,000 for your third and subsequent child. The child must be a Singapore Citizen at the time of birth or within 12 months thereafter.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Parents with Singapore Citizen children enrolled in licensed childcare centres can receive a Basic Subsidy of up to $600 per month for full-day infant care, and up to $300 per month for full-day childcare.

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How Your Child’s Money Habits Affect Old Age

As parents, we play a vital role in shaping our children’s behavior and values, including their money habits. While we often focus on the immediate impact of teaching our kids about financial responsibility, it’s crucial to recognize that these habits can have far-reaching consequences that extend well into old age.

We’ll explore the profound influence of childhood money habits on one’s financial well-being during the golden years.

Instilling a strong foundation of financial literacy in children sets them on a path towards a secure future. Teaching them basic concepts like saving, budgeting, and distinguishing between needs and wants establishes healthy money habits from an early age. These early lessons can profoundly impact how they handle their finances in adulthood, leading to better financial decision-making during retirement.

Encouraging children to save money fosters a sense of delayed gratification and financial discipline. By teaching them the importance of setting aside money for the future, we equip them with the tools needed to build a retirement nest egg. Children who develop a habit of saving are more likely to continue this practice throughout their lives, ensuring a more comfortable retirement.

Educating children about the responsible use of credit and the potential dangers of debt is crucial. When children learn to differentiate between good and bad debt, they are more likely to make informed decisions about borrowing in adulthood. By cultivating a sense of caution and encouraging responsible credit usage, we help them avoid financial hardships in their later years.

The work ethic and attitudes towards earning money that children develop during their formative years can significantly impact their financial stability in old age. Teaching children the value of hard work, ambition, and perseverance can instill a sense of responsibility and a drive to succeed. These qualities are often correlated with higher earnings and a greater ability to build wealth for retirement.

Empowering children to become financially independent and self-sufficient individuals has lasting implications for their financial well-being in old age. Encouraging them to find part-time jobs, start small businesses, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures teaches them the importance of generating income and managing it responsibly. This independence reduces the risk of financial dependence on others during retirement.


Children learn by observing the behavior of their parents and other influential figures in their lives. Modeling positive financial habits and demonstrating responsible money management lays the groundwork for their own financial future. Parents who exemplify prudent spending, saving, and investing practices are more likely to raise children who adopt these behaviors in their later years.


Image Credits: unsplash.com

Our children’s money habits have a profound impact on their financial well-being in old age. By providing them with a solid foundation in financial literacy, teaching the value of saving, cultivating responsible credit usage, and fostering a strong work ethic, we empower them to make wise financial decisions throughout their lives. As parents, we have a unique opportunity to shape their future financial security and set them on the path to a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. Let’s make the most of it and ensure our children are well-prepared for their golden years.

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5 Heartwarming Experiences at Singapore Zoo

Planning a memorable trip to Singapore Zoo with your beloved children? Look no further! We have curated a guide to help you create cherished moments at this extraordinary family-friendly destination.

Get ready to embark on a journey of emotions as you explore the following five exciting activities:


Prepare to have your heart filled with joy as you witness animals delicately nibbling food from the palm of your hand. Participating in our token feeding sessions allows you to forge a profound connection with these beautiful creatures. Not only will you create lifelong memories, but your contribution will also support wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

Please keep in mind that feeding sessions operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. To secure your spot, we recommend booking the feeding session online and arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled time. We kindly request your understanding that once the capacity is reached, we won’t be able to accommodate additional guests. Reserve your feeding session now at this website.

Choose from a variety of feeding options, including elephants, giraffes, goats, tortoises, and more. Prices start at SGD 8.


Ignite the curiosity of your little ones or satisfy your own inquisitive nature by immersing yourselves in the world of our dedicated zookeepers. Engage in captivating “Keepers’ Chit Chat” sessions where our knowledgeable staff will share intriguing insights and captivating anecdotes about your favorite animals. From elephant keepers to white tigers, the expertise and passion of these caretakers will leave you with a deep sense of admiration.

For session timings, please visit our website and schedule a listening experience. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!


Take a moment to rejuvenate and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Wild Animal Carousel. As you embark on a whimsical animal-themed ride, feel the joy radiating through every fiber of your being. This vintage merry-go-round is not only a delight for children but will also awaken the inner child within you. To avoid waiting in queues, we recommend booking your carousel ride online.

Ticket prices for the Wild Animal Carousel are as follows:
– Single Ride: $4
– Three Rides: $8

Image Credits: unsplash.com


If you find yourself yearning for the presence of your beloved pets at home, rejoice in the Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre for the Animal Friends Show. Witness the talent of a remarkable cast of domestic animals as they showcase their entertaining skills. After the show, seize the opportunity to collect autographs or capture treasured photographs with these incredible performers. And for those seeking wet and wild amusement, the Splash Safari Show features the delightful antics of the California sea lion.

To find out more about the Animal Friends Show, please visit: mandai.com
For information on the Splash Safari Show, please visit: mandai.com


If strolling through the vast expanse of Singapore Zoo with young children seems daunting, we invite you to embark on the Wild Discoverer Tour aboard a comfortable tour buggy. Allow yourself to relax and be chauffeured through the captivating animal exhibits while immersing yourself in tales of their care and conservation. Moreover, seize the unique opportunity to feed the rhinos and giant tortoises, fostering a profound connection with these magnificent creatures.

For an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, indulge your child’s dreams by treating them to a behind-the-scenes adventure as a zookeeper for a day. Our exclusive hands-on program allows them to work alongside our dedicated keepers, learning the art of animal care and conservation. We offer two options: one for children aged 6 to 12 and another for older children and parents, ensuring that everyone can participate in this magical experience.

Tickets for the Wild Discoverer Tour are priced at S$380 per person.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

These five activities offer a diverse range of heartwarming experiences for families visiting Singapore Zoo. From creating connections with animals through feeding sessions to engaging with passionate zookeepers, enjoying captivating shows, and embarking on immersive tours, there’s something for everyone to cherish. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories. Book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable day filled with wonder and joy!

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7 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts Under S$45

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be a real challenge, especially when he insists, he wants nothing. Although your dad claims he needs nothing, he’ll never turn down the opportunity to spend quality time with you. So, here are some fun ideas to make Father’s Day special!

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is tomorrow – June 18.


What better gift for a father who loves indulging in chocolates? Hello Chocolate offers a delightful collection of Father’s Day gift sets featuring chocolates from around the world. You can choose from the “Chocolate Gift Creator”, which allows you to handpick the chocolates for the gift, or the “For the Best Dad” set that includes alcohol-infused chocolates. And if you feel tempted to order a set for yourself on the side, we completely understand. The price starts at $17.

Buy it here: hellochocolate.asia


Does your dad love to relax after a long day? Make this day even more special by conveying your heartfelt love for your dad with a personalized cushion, starting from just $42.00. This thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to his face and let him know how much he means to you.

Buy it here: fnp.sg

Image Credits: unsplash.com


If you’re thinking about getting your dad a fresh set of workout outfits, you don’t have to search far! Decathlon Singapore is the place to go, offering a fantastic selection of affordable yet top-notch options that are just right for him. Surprise your dad with the DOMYOS Men’s Fitness Eco-Friendly Shorts and KALENJI Men’s Running T-Shirt, both priced under $50. These choices are not only comfortable and lightweight but also designed to elevate his workout experience to a whole new level. He’ll appreciate the effort you put into finding him the perfect exercise gear.

Buy these here:www.decathlon.sg


Written by World Barista Champion James Hoffmann, The World Atlas of Coffee takes you on an incredible journey through the world of coffee, from the humble bean to the perfect brew. Priced at $37.80, this book is a coffee lover’s dream come true. With detailed insights into coffee production in over 35 countries and beautifully illustrated pages, it’s not only an informative read but also a stunning addition to any coffee table. If your dad is a coffee geek, this book is an absolute gem that he’ll truly love. It’s the perfect gift to support his passion for all things coffee.

Buy it here: singapore.kinokuniya.com


Baseus, renowned for their power banks, doesn’t disappoint in the gadget department with their T2 Mini Intelligent Bluetooth tracker. What’s more? It’s lightweight at a mere 5g. And here’s a neat trick: when the battery runs low, simply pop open the case and replace it with a CR2032 battery that you can easily find at minimarts.

For under S$12, it’s a handy little tool for tagging all your precious knick-knacks. Android users can pair up to 4 Intelligent T2 trackers using the Baseus Smart app, while iPhone users can link up to 6. With this tracker, your dad will never lose track of his belongings again!

Buy it here: lazada.sg


Whether you’re planning a Father’s Day lunch at home or a picnic outdoors, here’s an idea to make it extra special – assemble a board filled with delicious cheese and charcuterie. And for a truly indulgent treat, why not include this exquisite truffle-infused brie imported directly from France? It boasts a rich and creamy texture, complemented by its distinctive earthy and mushroom flavors. The best part? You can get this gourmet delight for just $17.00. It’s a delightful addition to any Father’s Day celebration!

Buy it here: littlefarms.com


Get ready to be blown away with your father at the ultimate beer event, the Brewnanza Fest by Brewlander. This vibrant festival brings together over 20 of the most innovative craft breweries from America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and United Kingdom. From August 3rd to 6th, 2023, the Bayfront Event Space will be transformed into a buzzing hub of excitement. Get ready to indulge in an expertly curated selection of over 100 unique beers, including never-seen-before brews crafted by renowned international breweries.

Image Credits: facebook.com/brewlander

But that’s not all! Your ticket to this incredible event includes a complimentary beer redemption, allowing you to savor the flavors of your choice. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience and secure your early bird tickets now, priced at just $25.

Buy it here: brewlander.com

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