Your can now register your interest for the Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PS5 to be released soon

The Sony PlayStation 5 looks set to launch this year and supply is likely to be limited at launch.

When Sony posted the images for the upcoming PlayStation 5 in June, the internet went wild over it with many commenting how they love the bold and daring aesthetics

While the exact date and pricing remains a mystery, Sony Singapore has launched a micro-site for those who wish to register their interest. Note that while this does not guarantee you a set, it increases your chances of being first in line when they start taking in pre-orders.

You can register your interest for PlayStation 5 now in the link below: https://www.smap.ap.sony.com/survey/se/15795BB263A7E6AD

There are two versions available that you can register your interest. The standard PlayStation 5 with a slot for game or video disks or the Digital Edition for those who prefer to download titles via the internet.

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