Sip into Local Flavors: Must-Try Alcohol Brands in Singapore

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Singapore’s local brewing scene has flourished over the years, offering an impressive array of beverages ranging from whiskey to gin and beyond.

It is now home to a diverse collection of distilleries and breweries, making it an exciting destination for those seeking unique and flavorful libations. If you’re in the mood for a drink, why not explore and support these remarkable homegrown brands?


Imagine the fusion of a craft beer enthusiast with a background in financial analysis and a chemical engineer driven by art and design. The result? Alive Brewing Co, a brainchild of passionate hopheads Cheong Qing Yang and Ryan Yue.

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Founded in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, they meticulously designed, engineered, and self-installed brewing equipment at their Tuas facility. Having crafted an impressive repertoire of 72 different beers, Alive Brewing Co is committed to providing craft beer lovers with high-quality alternatives to premium imported beers. Prices start at S$8.30.

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Pink Blossoms Brewing captures attention with its whimsical and intriguing collections. With offerings like the seasonal offering “Let It Be” and the intense drink “Don’t Stop Believing,” there’s something for every palate.

Lean on Me, a New England pale ale with citrus and stonefruit hop aromas, offers a refreshing alternative. The 6-Pack Beer selection starts at S$65.90.

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Founded by Michel Lu, The Orientalist Spirits embraces the allure of Asian botanicals, sourcing ingredients from Tibet, South Korea, and Taiwan. With expressions of gin like Gunpowder Gin and The Orientalist 23, alongside the intriguing Dragon Whiskey and Asian vodka expressions, it stands as one of the finest local alcohol brands in Singapore.

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Prices start at S$118, and tasting sessions are offered twice a day from Wednesday to Saturday.

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Singapore Distillery made waves by introducing six craft gins crafted in Ang Mo Kio. Founder Ashwin Sekaran ingeniously utilizes fresh and exotic spices and fruits native to Singapore, resulting in creative variations of the iconic Singapore Sling.

Unique offerings include Stolen Roses Gin, an homage to the bandung drink, and Coconut Pandan Gin. Priced at S$69.90, these gins showcase the brand’s innovative take on the classic spirit.

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Founder Jamie Koh embarked on a six-year odyssey across the globe to bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the Brass Lion Distillery.

At the core of Brass Lion’s offerings is the Singapore Dry Gin (S$98), a testament to the distillery’s dedication to quality. The menu has since expanded to feature captivating variations like the Pearl Jasmine Gin (S$108) and Butterfly Pea Flower Gin (S$108), each a visual and flavorful delight, especially enjoyed during the nighttime ambiance.

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Niang Brewery Co embarked on its journey with meticulous planning and design to extract the best flavors from each beer. Constantly innovating and experimenting with diverse flavors, their creations ensure a distinct drinking experience.

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Notable is “Only Fun,” (S$45) an Asian rice lager with a bright floral and lemon aroma, sweetness from the rice, and a crisp bitterness. While, the 6-pack of Lucid Dreams – Fruited Stout is available for S$59.

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What are you waiting for? Savor the essence of Singapore’s rich and diverse brewing culture today! Drink responsibly. 

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