Save Big By Cooking Your Own Meals

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On average, it is about five times more expensive to order food from a restaurant than cooking your own meal at home. It is no secret that eating out can snip your budget in a short span of time. However, many opt to place their orders online through food delivery apps due to their busy schedules or lack of talent in the kitchen. I cannot deny the convenience that Food Panda or GrabFood sells!

Eat better food and save money in the process by following these kitchen suggestions.


My significant other’s mother leads an efficient life by prepping meals on Sundays. She cooks three to four dishes, which can be reheated whenever one pleases. Try cooking boiled eggs and steamed vegetables that will last for two to three meals. This way, you and your family will be able to enjoy your cooking even when in a hurry.

Simply label the food accordingly and pop it in a freezer bag or a microwaveable container. Serve this pre-cooked meal with fresh sides and you are ready to go!


On the other hand, my partner’s father seems to be fascinated with the slow cooker. He cooks ribs and fish using a slow cooker and vacuum seals these meals to last for a little over a month. Imagine that!

Using a slow cooker is a money saver. You can cook larger meals with enough leftovers to freshen up your second meal. Moreover, it enables you to purchase less expensive and tougher meat because it acts as a tenderizer.


Challenge your creative juices by cooking food with the ingredients available in your kitchen. It is easy to build your meals through daily grocery shopping. However, regularly cooking what is already at hand enables you to maximize your resources and minimize food wastage.

Curb your spending by scavenging the vegetables and meat available in the fridge. Consume food that will go bad soon before if it is too late!


Last but not the least, you may travel through the grocery aisles to purchase items that are on sale. Use this opportunity to purchase chicken breast or salad dressings, which are on sale. Purchase extra pack or pieces whenever possible to secure your future cravings.

I cannot deny that our modern generation consumes things in an instant! When we want things, we want them now. This increases the chances of ordering out and slimming your funds. Hence, you must learn the power of delayed gratification.

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You cannot always eat what you want, but you can make most of what you have.

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