Natural foods that can help curb appetite (part II)

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In the diverse world of foods, there are options out there that act as natural appetite suppressants. This means that the nutrients inside the foods help you stay and feel fuller, so you don’t overeat.

What’s even better is that they’re natural, so you’re eating healthy foods instead of junk. This article is the second part of our “natural foods that can help curb appetite” topic. If you missed out on the previous article, click here to read it.

Let’s roll with more natural foods that can help suppress appetite.

#1: Veggie Soup

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Ah, who doesn’t love a comforting bowl of hot soup? Not only is veggie soup a healthy, warm meal, but it also provides you with tons of vitamins and lowers your appetite to be in line with your low-calorie diet. Consider trying out these vegetable soup recipes and get slurping.

#2: Dark Chocolate
stacks of chocolate bars

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First of all, it’s chocolate! What can get better than that? Now you have the excuse to eat a lot more dark chocolate since having a piece that’s made of at least 70% cocoa helps you feel full. It contains properties that slow digestion, and you can thank the chocolate’s smooth bitter taste for decreasing your appetite.

#3: Tofu
silken tofu

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Tofu is a delicious vegetable protein that’s both soft and plant-based. It’s high in an isoflavone named genistein, which curbs your appetite and the amount you eat. The next time you’re planning your meals, consider adding some tofu to the menu. It’s delicious, healthy and suitable for vegetarians.

#4: Wasabi

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Wasabi is not only a great addition to plates of sushi but also works well to suppress your appetite naturally. If you haven’t noticed already, spiciness is a crucial factor in increasing satiety! A bonus of wasabi is that it’s also anti-inflammatory.

#5: Green Tea
a cup of green tea and tea leaves

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Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks out there and it’s not just a great natural appetite suppressant. It can also help slow your blood sugar levels and prevent extra fat storage. All of that contributes to a lesser feeling of hunger and better metabolism, so start sipping.

#6: Oatmeal
oatmeal with fruits

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Remember how mums always force us to have a cup of oatmeal in the morning before heading to school? That’s because the carbs in oatmeal are slow-digesting and likely to last you till recess time. Wave goodbye to the hunger hormone ghrelin if you take oatmeals.

#7: Salmon
salmon platter with wasabi

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It seems like the benefits of salmon are never-ending. Thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids, the hormone leptin amount, which curbs hunger, rises. Tuna and herring are great alternatives for those who don’t fancy salmon.

#8: Cinnamon

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Do you recall we mentioned ginger as a natural food option in our first article? It works similarly to the ground spice. It lowers your blood sugar levels which in turn helps to control your appetite. Here’s how you can add cinnamon spice to your meals.

#9: Skim Milk
pouring milk into a glass cup

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Especially for ladies who crave unhealthy junk foods and processed carbs during that time of the month, skim milk is here to your rescue. But for anyone, skim milk can serve as a natural appetite suppressant. Let’s not forget to mention its range of benefits.

#10: Flax Seeds

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Flax seeds provide you with a combination of soluble fibre and essential fatty acids. It’s easy to add it to your cup of yoghurt, a glass of smoothie, or a bowl of salad. Just remember to grind them first for better digestion. Or you can also choose to consume it in powder form.

Now you know the natural foods to take to suppress your ever-growing appetite, start introducing them into your diets from today. Oh yes, remember to get sufficient shut-eye at night too!

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