Top Career Tips I Learned from Emily in Paris

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After landing her dream job in Paris, American marketing executive Emily Cooper embraces her unpredictable new life while juggling work and romance. Its third season premiered last December 22, 2022, with Lily Collins as its Netflix Series lead.

Emily goes through many workplace challenges and is confronted with cultural differences as she navigates in the French work environment. Although some of her choices are questionable, here are some of the top career lessons I learned from Emily in


If you need to share your ideas, speak up! Do not wait for the opportunity to knock. When Emily did not agree with the sexist De L’Heure campaign, she took the initiative to share her thoughts to Mr. Antoine Lambert. People appreciate employees who are proactive and professional. Proactive employees think ahead and get ahead!


Being a person who thinks outside of the box is important in any line of work. For Emily, she impresses the head of a leading cosmetic brand with her unique Instagram posts. Applying creativity in your projects allows you to grow and to lead with futuristic lenses.

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Emily’s perseverance and tenacity is an inspiration. She faces many situations and keeps pushing for what she wants. Her positive attitude wins her clients in the end. Although you cannot be positive in every situation, it helps to reframe your perspective to win over your clients. Connect with your potential clients and have them sign on board by not quitting the game.

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Emily once booked for the wrong date and immediately thought of a solution to fix the situation. She said: “the good news and the better news – we are booked in with an up-and-coming chef tonight and we are all coming back here for the Zimmer launch together next year!” She handled the situation well.

Attitude can affect the way you overcome the toughest situations. In a world where things seem impossible, Emily makes it possible!


Emily constantly reminds her boss Sylvie that they need to work well together to succeed. In one episode, Sylvie even corrects Emily and tells her that the French word for team is équipe, which does not have an “I” in it. However, Emily proves to Sylvie just how important it is to work as a team. Use the strengths of your co-workers as leverage to succeed together.

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Emily embraces every opportunity thrown at her. She jumped on a chance to work in Paris, for starters! She actively seeks out increased responsibility and continues to say yes to challenging opportunities. You can incorporate the growth mindset into your own careers too. Let me end with a quote that champions the growth mindset.

“Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe their talents are innate gifts).”

– Mindset Author Carol Dweck

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