Must-Have Travel Essentials Under S$20

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Imagine spilling liquid droplets on the first page of your passport. What is more? Your flight is a few hours away! How can you travel now? Well, this frightening scenario happened to me before. Prevent this from happening to you buy purchasing a passport case.
Keep your valuable identification piece dry and clean by getting a passport case for as low as S$2 at Daiso.


If you are greatly affected by beaming lights or vivid stimulations, you may want to wear an eye mask during your long flight or road trip. Eye masks provide soft shades to survive the longest of trips.

Inexpensive eye masks are available at Daiso. However, you may invest in a S$19.90 eye mask designed to let you dwell in deep restorative stages of sleep. I am referring to the ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask. It comes with free high-density earplugs too!

ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask for Back Sleepers


One of the best gifts that I received last year was a set of reusable bottles from MINISO (i.e., less than S$5). I was able to transfer various liquids such as my shampoo, soap, essential oils, and hand cream.

Makeup addicts can benefit from these airline-approved bottles as well. You do not have to carry the full-sized weight of every product during your trip! You can transfer your setting spray, BB cream, cheek tint, and so much more.


Some of the most common injuries experienced by travelers are cuts and scrapes. Hence, bandages are vital in a travel first aid kit. It is recommended to buy a set of adhesive bandages containing different types and sizes. This set will help you cover blisters from hiking or cuts from cycling.

Ensure that the bandages are of good quality to prevent it from slipping away. For instance, you may get a pack of waterproof bandage from Watsons for only S$2.

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BONUS: The search for travel-friendly bathroom paraphernalia is over! You may purchase a set of shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for only S$12.90. It is from the Japanese brand Ma Cherie!

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