Mao Shan Wang durians for only $10? Only on Shopee!

Missed out on durian season this year? Fret not! Get ready for more Mao Shan Wang – the harvest in August is expected to be bigger and better than before. 

That’s right, durian season is back, and what better way to celebrate its return than with Mao Shan Wang durians going at just $10? Time to let the aromatic scent of the King of fruits permeate your home once again!

During Shopee’s $10 Mao Shan Wang Special campaign from 7 to 10 August, place an order with either of the sellers listed below and collect your durians at the available pick-up dates and timings. 

Durian Man

$10 (400g/1 box)
(original price $19.90)*


$10 (400g)/1 box)
(original price $21.80)*

*Limited to 2 boxes per person

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