7 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds To Bring Home

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Whether it is your partner or your child that convinced you to get a house pet, there are many furry friends to choose from. Let us focus on the low-maintenance dog breeds. All dogs require ample love, care, and attention. However, there are some breeds that are willing to dance with your hectic schedule.

Welcoming a family pet is an exciting and life-changing milestone. As with all significant decisions, there must be a lot of research needed. Consider getting one of these seven family-friendly breeds.


Originally bred to be fighting dogs, the Boston Terriers of the modern age are affectionate, gentle, and delightful. Its tuxedo-like markings earned them the nickname “American Gentleman”. While it requires a daily walk, it mostly remains inactive while indoors.

#2: PUG

The humble Pug is a loyal and playful dog. Pugs are usually socially active and they welcome homes filled with human interactions. The Pug’s simple life is complete when it gets to enjoy his or her own bed and watch the day go by. It is the perfect flat furry buddy!


Ideal for small homes, the Chihuahua requires minimal exercise. They are easily carried around due its weight of about 1 kilogram. This breed is perfect for people who travel a lot. As a friendly reminder, please train your Chihuahua to avoid the yappy personality they are known for.

Image Credits: pixabay.com


Dachshunds have a positive disposition and are typically game for anything you throw at them. As family dogs they are loyal and good watchdogs. Its exercise consists of running around the house or leisurely walks outside. IF you work in a pet-friendly building or you work from home, your Dachshund will be content just sitting by your side as you focus on your tasks.


With its built, you will not suspect that one of the fastest dogs can be such a coach potato! The Greyhound is an athletic dog that cannot wait for a warm cuddle in your lap. Its mellow personality combined with the minimum grooming necessities make it one of the most low-maintenance dogs in the large-sized dog groups.


With its shining coat fitting of a royal, the Maltese is suited to live within a small apartment as they do not shed. What it needs is a home filled with love, attention, and care. It also enjoys playful sessions with its companion. Owners should administer a regular grooming routine, which may include brushing, combing, and shearing.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have the ability to adjust to its owners’ temperaments. Its flexibility makes it an ideal companion for kids and other pets. Brushing every week is necessary to make sure that their longer coats do not tangle.

Despite your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, providing quality love and care for your canine is easier with the help of dog-centered apps and dog walking companies. Not to mention, there is a wealth of pet tips and tricks online. However, nothing beats a snuggle session between you and your furry friend after a long day at work!

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