Should you renew your gym membership or is your money just going down the drain?

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It’s been two weeks since we’ve leaped into the new year, how’s it going?

2023 has come and gone, but your gym membership’s still chugging along.

You’ve been faithfully making payments every month but when was the last time you even stepped into that place?

Maybe it’s time to face it—that gym membership of yours is just sucking money from your wallet for nothing. Your workout clothes have more dust than sweat and your gym bag becomes storage space for random stuff…

Should I go on?

Assessing the value you’re getting
  • The facilities are run down

The gym’s equipment and facilities were state-of-the-art when you first joined but now everything’s looking rather outdated and run down. If the machines are frequently out of order and the changing/shower rooms have seen better days, it may be worth finding a gym with higher standards.

  • The trainers and classes are not worth the fees

You’re paying premium rates for guidance from professionals but the instructors seem lackluster and unmotivated. And the fitness classes you were excited to try end up being repetitive and unchallenging. For the price you’re paying, you deserve coaches and sessions that push you to improve your skills and fitness.

Lifestyle and convenience factors
  • No motivation

Every new month, you tell yourself you’re going to go three times a week (minimum). But after a few visits, your motivation goes AWOL and you end up canceling more classes than attending. Unless you’re prepared to commit to a serious fitness overhaul, your money is better spent elsewhere.

  • Location and accessibility

If your gym is located at some ulu place that takes forever to get to, you probably not going so often, right? Unless you stay nearby, going to the gym can become a chore already. And if the gym’s operating hours don’t match your schedule, then you’re money-wasting.

Your gym usage patterns
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Calculate how much you pay for membership fees each month, then see how many times you went gyming in 2023. If each visit comes out to more than $20, you better wake up your idea.

Some signs you not maximizing your membership:

  • You only go 1-2 times a week but pay for unlimited access. Might as well just pay per entry, yeah?
  • You keep missing or skipping weeks, so your cost per visit is super ex. If this is you, why not switch to a cheaper plan or quit altogether?
  • You find yourself going during off-peak hours all the time to avoid the crowd. Then why are you paying so much for peak-hour membership?
Financial implications

Your budget’s tight like a drum but still paying fixed gym fees every month? Hidden costs like parking fees, nutrition products, or personal training sessions also start adding up, and before you know it, your bank account numbers are dwindling. Think carefully if the additional expenses are still worth it or not.

At the end of the day, only you can weigh the pros and cons. If there are more cons than pros and the fees are too demanding for your financials, then consider canceling. But if membership is still somewhat useful, try talking to the gym staff, maybe can get a better deal or temporarily freeze your membership first before canceling outright. Every dollar counts!

You think paying a gym membership fee every month will motivate you to workout more often, but let’s face it, you would rather create a mountain of excuses and binge-watch Netflix at home. How long have you not stepped into the gym? The gym staff has probably already forgotten what you look like and vice versa. All the motivation and intention to get fit disappear like your money into the gym’s bank account. Time to wake up your idea and stop throwing away your hard-earned cash for nothing. Use that money for better things or save up for your next holiday instead! No point paying for something you don’t use, isn’t it? Cancel that membership before the next billing cycle starts. And not tomorrow, but now.

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