Save Up To $82/Month On Delivery Fees With Grab’s Food Plans

If you love GrabFood (like we all do!), you are in for a treat with Grab’s latest offering.

Food Plans are subscription plans under GrabFood that are designed to help subscribers achieve massive savings automatically.

For a limited time only, subscribe to Grab’s Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan and save up to $82 on delivery fees in a month.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken on GrabFood

What Is The Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan?

Order the Dian Xiao Er’s Signature Herbal Roast Duck on GrabFood

For only $7.99/month, you will get 30 free deliveries per month under the Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan. Given that GrabFood’s delivery fee averages about $3 per delivery, the Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan can deliver (pun intended) massive savings of up to $82 per month! In case you are curious, here’s the math:

  • $3 X 30 Free Deliveries – $7.99 (Cost of Subscription of Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan)

Furthermore, as an added convenience for GrabFood user, subscription plans are also auto-renewed monthly. This smooth and hassle-free process ensures that you do not miss out on any savings. Not to worry, subscribers can cancel anytime they change their mind.

Toast Box’s Drumstick Braised Pork Rice

Limited-time Launch Promo Giveaways

As part of Food Plan’s launch promotion, you get to save EVEN MORE when you subscribe today! A total of $15 worth of GrabFood vouchers:

  • 1X$5 off (with min. spend of $10)
  • 1X$10 off (with min. spend of $20)

will be given away as part of the launch promotion. These vouchers will be credited into your account instantaneously upon confirmation of subscription.

How To Subscribe To Grab’s Food Plan?

  1. Launch the Grab App and tap on your Profile Picture
  2. Select ‘Subscriptions’
  3. Scroll to find ‘Food Plans’ & tap ‘View Plan’
  4. Select ‘Free Delivery Subscription’ and tap ‘Get This Plan’
  5. Tap ‘Confirm’ to subscribe after you have checked your payment details
  6. You will find the vouchers awarded to you instantly!

Wait no more and sign up for GrabFood’s Free Delivery Subscription Food Plan to save up to $82 of delivery fees in a month!

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