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Important Money Matters In Marriage

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As you may know, money is one of the biggest reasons why couples get divorce. Perhaps the reason why people fight most about finances is because of its measurable nature. With money, the give and take parts are quantifiable. Thus feelings of inequality and resentment can arise.

Discussing money matters may not seem romantic but it is very essential. Here’s where you shall start:


Setting long-term and short-term financial goals such as establishing realistic budget should be done together. Along with the goals, you must assign financial responsibilities to each other. Who shall pay the utility bills? Who shall do the bookkeeping? Consider various factors such as time, knowledge and skills when deciding which of you shall take the primary responsibility for each task.


The vow of “for better or worse, for richer or for poorer…” entails an important promise to live in a financially able home. Buying appropriate insurance coverage, to safeguard you from unforeseen financial hardships, can help embody this vow. Consider these types of insurance:

a. Life Insurance: This policy protects you and your dependents by giving the sum assured under certain circumstances such as being permanently disabled or critically ill. The agreed amount of money is intended to help you and your dependents meet your financial needs.

b. Health Insurance: This policy covers accidents, illnesses, and disabilities that affects your health. To help you and your family deal with the expenses, different health insurance policies are available in the market.

c. Home Insurance: This policy is designed to protect your home and its contents as well as covering any renovation work. Usually, homes that are less than 10 years old or those that are renovated within the last 10 years cost less to insure.


If you are planning to spend your lives together, it is only fitting that you learn to manage your finances as a unit. Once a month, evaluate your expenses and review important documents (e.g., credit card billing statement or utility bills) to help you create a realistic spending and budget plan for the weeks ahead. Make this a healthy habit to shield your family from piles of debt.


A Will is a legal document that communicates an individual’s final wishes. It determines not only the distribution of your properties but also the guardianship over your children in the event that both you and your spouse die.

Some people find it difficult to discuss about creating a will as the thought of it seems unpleasant, pessimistic, and morbid. However, think of it as an insurance tool that protects your assets and ensures its smooth transition. It is ideal to make a Will before having children or while they are still young.

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

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