How To Earn Decent Money Using Your Smartphone

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Before I plunged into the online freelancing, I never fully understood why companies are willing to pay for individuals who can participate in various activities. Said activities include shopping online, watching videos, reading advertisements, or using smartphone applications.

Soon I realized that the online competition is fierce. So, companies needed to reach their customers using creative ways. They need us! Download from a wide selection of apps to earn money from your product or service.


Uber – Available on Android and iOS

Are you sufficiently familiar with the Singapore roads and regulations? Consider earning extra money by becoming a cab driver. Having a car is not a strict requirement as many Uber drivers rent their cars. In fact, Uber Singapore has a list of preferred rental partners.

Uber, an app founded in San Francisco, connects drivers to riders. Its worldwide demand is growing as the days go by. There are many advantages to becoming an Uber driver. Firstly, it can earn you a decent amount of money. For instance, full-time drivers reportedly make about S$2,500 per month after all the deductions.

Secondly, you get to enjoy the flexibility in your schedule. There is no minimum or maximum hours of work. Lastly, you are in control of where and when you want to work.


Carousell – Available on Android and iOS

More and more Singaporeans are making quick bucks by selling their underused, preloved, or unused items online. Scavenge through your home to spot anything valuable. From books to clothes and furniture to paintings, you can take advantage of Carousell.

Carousell is a global marketplace app with a simple premise. Users start by snapping and describing their items. Then, they will chat with potential buyers to close the deals. Seek a form of payment that is convenient for you and the client. Some people prefer to meet-up, while others opt for wire transfers.


Pact – Available on Android and iOS

Looking for an efficient motivation to help you follow through your weightless resolution in 2017? The search is over as GymPact brings you the Pact app! It has been featured on The New York Times, CNN, and ABC News.

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Pact allows its users to pledge a specific amount alongside the set of days that they plan to work out. Users who do not stick to the said goal must pay for each day they miss. You earn cash for staying healthy and get paid by “inactive” Pact members. Are you up for the challenge?


Upwork – Available on Android and iOS

Modern technology reinvented the cubicle-bound workplace with the introduction of freelancing. There are websites and applications that allow people to reap the opportunities for online freelance work. You can easily accomplish these tasks from the comfort of your own home.

Upwork (previously called as Odesk) can help you whether you are an expert in writing, administrative work, marketing, advertising, legal work, illustrating, engineering, or web design. Payment is painless because Credit Cards, PayPal accounts, and Bank Accounts are accepted. Download the free app to see for yourself.


EyeEm – Available on Android and iOS

You do not need to carry bulky professional cameras in order to capture stunning moments. Today’s smartphones are equip with high definition cameras with sound quality. For instance, the iPhone 7 showcases an innovative camera that includes the ability to capture in low light and in RAW photos.

Turn your artistic vision into cash by downloading EyeEm right from your phone. EyeEm is one of the largest photo-markets, with over 18 million creators worldwide. You can sell your photos for approximately S$28 (US$20) to S$350 (US$250). It is not that bad!

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What’s more? All of these apps are FREE!

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