F&N MAGNOLIA Cookies & Cream Low Fat Flavoured Milk Now Available

F&N MAGNOLIA has launched a new Cookies & Cream Low Fat Flavoured Milk, blending the classic, creamy taste of cookies and cream with nutritious low fat milk for a guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious, healthy treat any time of the day, this limited edition milk is a great balance of taste and health. It’s designed for enjoyment by both kids and adults, ideal for moments like snack times or movie nights with loved ones.

Committed to quality and taste, F&N MAGNOLIA ensures this flavoured milk is not just tasty but also packed with the goodness of milk’s proteins and calcium, supporting muscle growth and bone health. Plus, it’s Halal-certified, low in sugar and fat, and comes with a Healthier Choice Symbol. Available in a 946ml pack for S$3.63 at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets, and selected retailers. For more details, check out Magnolia’s official site and social media.

Image credits: F&N Foods

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