Kuromi Head Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm now available for $24.90

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Introducing the new Kuromi Head Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm, a perfect blend of adorable and edgy style. This unique charm, featuring the beloved Sanrio character Kuromi, is not just a statement piece but also your ticket to easy and stylish commuting.

Priced at just $24.90 each (no load value), they are being rolled out progressively at all EZ-Link vending machines located within shopping malls, making them easily accessible for everyone. Whether you’re running errands, heading to work, or meeting friends, the Kuromi EZ-Link charm adds a touch of personality to your journey.

Before you can start tapping in and out of the transit gates with style, there’s a small but essential step to follow. Make sure to activate your Kuromi charm by topping it up at any ticketing service kiosk. Once it’s loaded with value, pair it to the SimplyGo app to track your travel expenses, top-up on the go, and enjoy the seamless integration of this cute and cool accessory into your daily commute.


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