Money Management Tips When Travelling in Singapore

Singapore is known as a global leader in finance and technology, with its world-class airport, cutting-edge architecture, and bustling commercial districts. Thus, many people believe that the country can only be enjoyed if you have deep pockets. However, this is a misconception that’s quite far from the truth. Indeed, the Lion City is actually one of the most tourist-friendly travel destinations in the world. Aside from the warm and welcoming atmosphere, Singapore has an efficient public transport system and plenty of affordable options for attractions, food, clothing, and lodgings.Simply speaking, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still have a good time in Singapore. You can also follow these practical tips to further maximise your budget and make the most of your trip:

Shop in Local Street Markets

Singapore is a shopaholic’s dream destination, with global premium fashion and lifestyle brands found in almost every major mall. That said, if you’re not interested in the pricey stuff and want something more affordable and authentic, you can explore the street markets in districts like Bugis and Chinatown. These places cater to the more budget-conscious travellers and have a wide assortment of products. You can even haggle for a lower price and take advantage of the tax refund.

If you’re at the airport and need to make some last-minute souvenir purchases, many Changi Airport shops are duty-free, so you can easily find the perfect souvenirs for yourself and gifts for people back home. When you shop at local markets and duty-free stores, you can better control your expenses and spend within your budget.

Use Public Transport

Taxi? Private transfer? You won’t need these in Singapore because their public transportation system is one of the most efficient if not the most efficient in the world—and the rates are also affordable. You can travel across the island nation by riding on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses, or light rail networks. The fare costs around SGD 0.80 to SGD 2.50 per journey, which is definitely pocket-friendly. Consider getting an EZ-Link card or the Singapore Tourist Pass for more savings.

Eat Like a Local

While many fine dining restaurants in Singapore are often worth their price, hawker centres and local eateries offer delicious authentic Singaporean cuisine for just a fraction of the cost. One whole meal with a complimentary beverage costs around SGD 3 to SGD 10, making it super affordable even for the most frugal traveller. These places also feature diverse dishes that cater to different palates and dietary preferences. If you’re travelling with family or friends, get different food items to share within the group so all of you can try various dishes without exceeding your budget.

Take Advantage of Free Attractions

Did you know that many of the famous attractions in Singapore are free? Yes, that’s right! From Merlion Park to the Gardens by the Bay’s outdoor gardens, you can visit plenty of iconic tourist attractions and landmarks in Singapore without spending a single cent. If you’re into more culturally significant and religious locations, Singapore has many free temples open to tourists as well, like the Buddha Tooth Relic and Sri Mariamman Temples. If you want to savour the views of the city, you can head over to Marina Bay and walk along the boardwalk to enjoy the breeze and the sky.

Take Note of Peak Travel Times

Singapore welcomes tourists all year round, but travelling during off-peak periods can help you save on airfares and accommodation. Usually, the peak travel season is November to January and June to July, so schedule your trip outside these time frames. Moreover, visit famous attractions on weekdays rather than weekends to reduce entry costs and enhance the experience by avoiding crowds.

Explore Budget Accommodations

If you’re looking for affordable accommodations in Singapore, there are hostels, serviced apartments, and capsule hotels among many others to choose from. One night at these budget accommodations can be as low as SGD 30, and most of these are strategically located near public transportation hubs and local street markets. Try to compare prices on various booking platforms and look for deals for added savings.

Use Free Wi-Fi

The widespread availability of free Wi-Fi in Singapore’s public areas, shopping malls, cafes, and even some public transport stations can make it possible for you to not buy a local sim or data plan. This connectivity helps manage your itinerary and lets you keep in touch with loved ones without incurring additional costs.

Look for Combo Deals and Passes

Some popular attractions in Singapore offer special tourist passes and combo deals that can significantly reduce the cost of visiting multiple attractions. You can find these deals online in booking apps or on the official website of these attractions. Make sure you research before booking so you don’t miss out on substantial savings!

Exploring the Lion City on a Budget

As you can see, travelling to Singapore doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Simply set a specific budget and do ample research to enjoy this wonderful country and all it offers. By making smart money decisions, you can make your trip to Singapore a truly memorable one.


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