4 Powerful Tips To Become A Smart Spender

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Have you ever desired to purchase something so bad but cannot afford it then, later you found out that a similar thing is available at a different store for a cheaper price? This circumstance can be prevented if you know how to spend wisely! Being a smart spender entails having enough knowledge to make the right purchase and to justify why it is the best choice.


It is important to develop a tangible and realistic savings goal that you can achieve little by little everyday. Yes! You must keep a small portion of your money regularly and add it to your savings account. Make it tangible by calculating the compound interest with the savings interval set to “daily”. Be amaze as you see how your small savings can increase through time. Truly, this tip will keep you motivated.


Have you ever shopped for a bikini (on sale) and realized that you already have one back home? Items that are usually seasonal such as swimming attires or winter coats are usually put at the back of your clothes and left forgotten. To avoid needless expenditures, make it a habit to check what you already have before buying. You can also organize your stuff as much as you can before a trip and be sure that you separated what you need that are still in mint condition.




Knowing you made the best purchase means you spend effort on comparing stores and its products in terms of price, design, quality, and so much more. Learning how to patiently browse through the nearby stores before buying something is smart. Also, you can shop around by comparing the prices online. There may be times when shopping online is cheaper especially with free shipping and clearance sales.


If you are recently laid-off from work, one of your most practical options is to be self-employed. Certainly, when the conditions are suitable…it is much cheaper to hire yourself than to get someone to work for you. If you do not have enough money for transportation, food, clothing, or other expenses, working freelance can help you land back on your feet.

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Image Credits: @Daman via Flickr with Creative Commons License

Image Credits: @Daman via Flickr with Creative Commons License

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