5 issues that come with pregnancy plus how to deal with them

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For mummies-to-be, congratulations! While the joy of being able to hold your child in your arms excites you, there are sorrows that come with pregnancy too. We’re referring to the issues that come with pregnancy like acne, pigmentation, eczema, stretch marks, and hair problems. Except maybe for stretch marks, most of them are temporary woes so don’t sweat over it!

Ladies who are planning their pregnancy journey may also find this useful.


Image Credits: Medical News Today

It’s like going through teenage years all over again with acne breakouts. According to dermatologist Dr Wang Yi Shi of W Skin and Laser Clinic, acne outbreaks are more common during early pregnancy. This is most likely because of hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy which trigger the oil glands on the face to become more active. The increase in sebum may cause clogged pores.

How to deal with it

If you’re facing such issues, try to go on days without makeup. This is because makeup traps the pores which in turn result in more acne breakouts and skin irritations. You may also need to switch up your skin cleaning routine with products like topical antibiotic gels and topical salicylic acid. However, if you’re unsure of how to proceed, just make an appointment with a skin clinic.

Pregnancy pigmentation

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Currently at your fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and spotting irregular pigmentation marks on your face? Don’t be too stressed about it. These pigmentation marks also known as melasma, chloasma, or pregnancy mask come about as a result of the changes in your hormones. It should clear up slowly over time after you’ve given birth. This also applies to the ‘linea nigra’, a brownish line along the central abdomen.

How to deal with it

While the pregnancy mask is likely to go away, you may help prevent it by avoiding too much sun exposure. Also, use a sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 if you know you will be coming into contact with the harmful sun rays.

Pregnancy eczema

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As your tummy gets bigger over the months, the skin around the lower abdomen expands. This can cause itchy skin or eczema that may disrupt your sleep if left unattended.

How to deal with it

You should probably change to a gentler skin cleanser and apply moisturizer to the affected areas regularly.

Pregnancy stretch marks

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Stretch marks associated with pregnancy are almost unavoidable. But understanding it is a first step to minimizing the damage. Do you know how stretch marks appear? As a result of your abdomen increasing dramatically in size, the middle layer of the skin (dermis) is torn.

How to deal with it

Since there is almost no cure for stretch marks relating to pregnancy, you can at least lessen the effect by keeping the skin around the abdomen soft, supple, and more resistant. To do that, exfoliate the skin once or twice a week before applying your preferred daily moisturizer.

We’ve also heard of the benefits of Bio-Oil against scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. Furthermore, it is suitable for all skin types so decide if you want to give it a go?


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Again, all thanks to hormonal changes during pregnancy, you may notice hair loss or even thickening. The good news is that these changes are most likely not here to stay. But, a change in products used may be necessary.

How to deal with it

Depending on your hair conditions, you may need to purchase new hair products to tackle the problems. Also, according to Dr Wang, people with sensitive and itchy scalps or broken skin on their scalp should avoid colouring their hair. Even organic hair colour brands can contain strong and toxic chemicals which may lead to allergic reactions. Better to be safe than sorry!

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