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12 Reasons Why You Aren’t Financially Ready To Get Married

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1. Your present goals are mainly self-motivated (e.g., discovering oneself by traveling to several countries in Europe).

2. You are an undergraduate student who does not have an adequate amount of savings. Not to mention, you have to pay your student debts too.

3. You still depend on your parents to cover your monthly bills.

4. You are mortified with the idea of having a someone influence your ability to borrow money. Having a spouse with poor credit score may diminish your chances of getting the best car loan or joint credit card deals.

5. You have pushed the idea of marriage aside to build a career. Furthermore, you believe that attaining success at work will appeal to many potential partners.

6. “No money, no marriage” seems to encapsulate the fact that matrimony requires money, time, and effort. Thanks to the Singaporean wedding industry, couples spend an average cost of S$30,000 on their nuptials.

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7. You cannot afford to face higher insurance premiums. For instance, marrying a partner whose track record with cars is unappealing may negatively influence your car insurance premiums.

8. Your financial resources cannot cover the expenses that come with raising a family. Expectant mothers need to visit the OB/GYNs or gynecologists regularly. As a result, you will have to pay about S$60-75 per visit.

9. Your savings and insurance cannot match the overwhelming hospitalization fees of pregnancy. Can you imagine paying about S$3,000 for a two-day hospitalization in a private room of a private hospital?

10. You and your significant other have differing attitudes and beliefs towards money. Understanding each other’s spending habits and attaining compromise is one thing. But, continuously arguing about money is another.

11. You do not have a clear financial path at the moment. Consider seeking professional help.

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12. You are protecting your properties. Furthermore, you have not figured out how to divide your assets.

Whatever the reason might be, matrimony is a huge decision that you shall make when you are holistically prepared to face the next step. You may not be ready at the moment but, that is alright. No one knows what lies ahead!

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