Winnie the Pooh SimplyGo EZ-Link card now available for $10 each

Introducing the newest addition to your EZ-Link card collection – the lovable and timeless Winnie the Pooh! From March 8th, 2024 onwards, you can bring home this iconic character in the form of a Winnie the Pooh SimplyGo EZ-Link card for just $10 each, inclusive of a $5 load value.

Imagine starting your day with a touch of childhood nostalgia as you tap your way through bus rides and train journeys with Winnie the Pooh by your side. With his trademark yellow fur and round belly, this adorable bear is sure to bring a smile to your face as you commute across the city.

Obtaining your own Winnie the Pooh EZ-Link card couldn’t be easier – simply visit any bus interchange or train station vending machine, where they will be progressively available.

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