6 Iconic Movie Jewelry Pieces & Their Prices

In the dazzling world of cinema, there’s no denying the allure of glamorous jewelry adorning the silver screen. From Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable Breakfast at Tiffany’s style to Daisy Buchanan’s captivating “$350,000 (S$470,000) engagement ring” in The Great Gatsby, these iconic pieces of movie jewelry have become etched in our collective memory.

Enter Eugene Joseff, a masterful jeweler who left an indelible mark on Hollywood’s golden era. Spending an astonishing 1,200 hours to craft a single necklace for Greta Garbo in Camille, Joseff’s artistry graced more than 3,000 films, including timeless classics like Gone with the Wind and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. His extraordinary archive holds a staggering collection of nearly two million jewelry pieces.

From the opulence of Old Hollywood to the modern-day stars who channel their inner princesses on the screen, these cinematic moments have become legendary, forever woven into the tapestry of film history.


Who could possibly forget the unforgettable moment when Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) presents Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) with that extraordinary necklace in the iconic 1990 romantic comedy, Pretty Woman? This stunning piece, meticulously crafted by the renowned French goldsmith, Fred Joaillier, showcases 23 pear-cut rubies delicately nestled within diamond-encrusted hearts. Remarkably, the necklace’s current appraisal stands at approximately $1.35 million (S$1.81 million).

Given the film’s relatively modest budget of $14 million (S$18 million), the costume department was unable to procure the necklace for the production. However, the generous jeweler graciously lent the piece, albeit under tight security. To protect its considerable value, the necklace came accompanied by an armed guard.


One of the most popular jewelry pieces in the annals of cinema is none other than the Heart of the Ocean necklace from Titanic. While the film portrays the necklace as being adorned with genuine diamonds, in reality, it was meticulously crafted with zircons and fashioned into white gold. However, if the necklace had indeed been created with authentic diamonds, its estimated value would have soared to over $500 million (S$671 million)!

Image Credits: facebook.com/hannahom2003 (Paramount Pictures)

The esteemed London jewelers, Asprey & Garrard, were entrusted with the creation of this extraordinary piece. Drawing inspiration from three illustrious diamonds steeped in French history—the Marie Antoinette Bleu, the Regent, and the Hope Diamond—Asprey & Garrard captured the essence of opulence and romance in their exquisite design.


In the iconic 1955 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe mesmerized audiences with her unforgettable performance of the timeless classic, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Interestingly, similar to the necklace in To Catch a Thief, this necklace also takes on a pivotal role in the plot, ultimately revealed as a counterfeit. However, for promotional purposes, the filmmakers made the deliberate choice to showcase the original yellow-diamond necklace. With its pear-shaped diamond, originally unearthed in the mines of Golconda, India, and once owned by Queen Marie Antoinette, this remarkable piece holds a storied history. Notably, in 2018, it fetched a staggering $1.3 million (S$1.75 million) at auction, a testament to its timeless beauty and allure.


As far as headpieces go, we are absolutely smitten with Daisy’s exquisite headpiece in The Great Gatsby. Interestingly, this stunning piece was not custom-made for the film; instead, it was already a treasured possession from the Tiffany & Co archives, graciously loaned to the production for the iconic party scene at Gatsby’s opulent mansion.

The selection of this particular headpiece was no coincidence. Its high-quality diamonds and lustrous pearls were a flawless embodiment of the 1920s jazz age, capturing the essence of that glamorous era with impeccable precision.


Interestingly, the necklace in To Catch a Thief not only adds visual appeal but also plays a crucial role in influencing the movie’s plot. It is revealed as a fake, strategically employed to entice the protagonist, John Robie (portrayed by Cary Grant), a former jewel thief. Surprisingly, even the real necklace used in the film was rumored to be an imitation, borrowed for a mere $75 (S$100) during the filming process.

In this 1955 Hitchcock classic, Grace Kelly graces the screen wearing a breathtaking tiered diamond necklace. Its radiant elegance enhances her captivating presence and further immerses viewers in the allure of the film’s world.


In the highly improbable event that you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing this timeless masterpiece, there’s a moment that’s bound to be etched in your memory: the iconic image of Holly Golightly (portrayed by Audrey Hepburn) gazing through the window of Tiffany & Co., delicately savoring coffee and a croissant, adorned with a remarkable 5-strand choker pearl necklace embellished with an exquisite diamond brooch.

Image Credits: facebook.com/breakfastattiffanys (Paramount Pictures)

This extraordinary jewelry piece from Breakfast at Tiffany’s has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable and enduring images in the history of cinema. It encapsulates the essence of elegance and sophistication that resonates with audiences to this day.

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5 must-watch movies showing in cinemas this week (from 13 July)

Movie Release July 2020

With a long wait of over three months, Singapore residents can finally step into their favourite theatres to catch a new release from 13 July (Monday). Cinemas are reopening! But of course, not without stringent measures.

A maximum of only 50 people will be allowed into the cinema halls. There will also be a 1m safe-distancing seat configuration. If you’re visiting with a group of more than five persons, you may be able to sit together. But mask-wearing will still apply – except when you’re munching on your snacks or slurping on your soda.

These are the new releases this week (from 13 July) a movie fan should not miss:

Low Season

Image Credits: GV

They say two’s a company, three’s a crowd. We’re kicking off our list of movies with a Thai horror special. There’s something about Thai horror movies that scare the hell out of us. But we go back to it because it’s strangely addictive.

This slightly over two-hour movie revolves around Lin, a girl who can see ghosts. After a breakup, she leaves the city alone to a faraway resort during the low (tourist) season. Put, a young screenwriter seeking inspiration for his horror story will join Lin on her getaway. What will unfold between the two? Will love find them or something else? Watch to find out.

The Bridge Curse

Image Credits: GV

We’re still not done with horror. Adding to the horror genre is this 1.5-hour movie in mandarin. The highlight of this movie is the spooky happenings at the ghost bridge. Rumour has it that the ghost bridge was a forbidden spot on the Tunghu University because of a girl who jumped off the bridge and drowned herself.

Determined to test out their courage, six students who were running a camp filmed a live stream on the bridge late at night. They caught the female ghost on camera and the video went viral. But… the group of students went missing soon after. Only after four years later, an investigative journalist Lien Shu-yu (played by Summer Meng, 孟耿如) starts to uncover the truth. What will she find? The spirits await her.

My Hero Academia

Image Credits: GV

Let’s give horror a break and turn our gaze to a Japanese animation. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is an exclusive release for Golden Village cinemas. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, it will run for about 1 hour 40 minutes.

A visit to Nabu Island got class 1-A attacked by a villain with an incomprehensible eccentricity. The villain’s powers are scarily familiar as if Shigaraki had an influence on the plan. Being the only hope on Nabu island, Deku and his friends will be the next generation of heroes. Will they get to save the day?

Escape From Pretoria

Image Credits: GV

This approximately two-hour movie is based on a true story. Tim Jenkin (played by Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (played by Daniel Webber) are two young and white South Africans branded ‘terrorists’. They were imprisoned in 1978 for working covert operations for Nelson Mandela’s banned ANC.

Jailed in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, this film will be their attempt to escape. Be wowed by their creativity, ultra-careful surveillance, and be impressed by their wooden-crafted keys for 10 steel doors as they make a quest for freedom. But beyond the breathtaking action, it demonstrates the oppressed’s struggle and their pursuit of equality for all.

Train to Busan - Peninsula

Image Credits: GV

As if I’m saving the best for the last, it’s the long-awaited Train to Busan: Peninsula. This is a continuation of the 2016 zombie horror movie – Train to Busan. If you have yet to watch it, I highly recommend it.

It tells the story of Jung-suk, the protagonist who escaped the zombie disaster in Korea four years ago. While living in exile in Hong Kong, he is tasked to return to Korea to bring back huge amounts of cash stranded in the streets of Seoul. The attacks by a militia and flesh-thirsty zombies will be the climax of the show to look out for.

Will they be able to leave the peninsula for good? We will only find out in cinemas from 15 July.