How to handle a boss who criticizes everything you do

an angry boss criticizing his employee

No one enjoys being criticized, but it can be especially tough when it comes from your boss.

If your boss is constantly finding fault with everything you do, it can be hard to maintain your confidence and keep your job.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have struggled with a boss who regularly bashes them. The good news is that there are things you can do to handle the fuss and improve your relationship with your boss.

Continue reading if you want some tips for dealing with a boss who criticizes everything you do.

It’s not personal

When your boss is continually criticizing everything you do, it can be tough not to take it personally. But remember, it’s not always about you—it’s about them.

Critical bosses are often under a lot of pressure and while their comments may seem harsh, they’re just a way of venting. The key is to stay calm and don’t get defensive with them. Just listen politely and thank them for their feedback.

Talk to your boss
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One of the most reasonable ways to deal with a boss who charges at everything you do is to talk to them. Schedule a meeting with your boss and express your concerns.

Be clear and concise when you talk to them. Let them know that their objections are making it difficult for you to do your job, and ask for their help in fixing the problem. Critical bosses can be tough to work with, but with a little communication, you can hopefully resolve the issue.

Use it as motivation

Your boss’s unchanging criticisms can be demotivating, but try to see it as an opportunity to enhance your skillsets. After all, if your boss is always pointing out your mistakes, it means that he or she expects you to do better.

Instead of getting frustrated, use the criticism as motivation to work harder and prove your boss wrong. Show them that you’re capable of meeting their high standards and that you’re not going to let them bring you down. Eventually, your boss may start seeing your potential and may even begin complimenting your work.

Find the root of the problem
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Yes, we know it’s getting on your nerves. What can you do to make the situation better? The first step is to try to find the root of the problem.

Why is your boss always finding fault in your work? Is it a lack of understanding of your job duties? Inadequate communication? Misunderstanding of the project goals? Once you know what’s causing the problem, you can start to address it.

If it’s a lack of understanding of your job duties, take the time to sit down with your boss and go over what’s expected of you. If it’s poor communication, make sure to ask questions and clarify expectations before starting a project.

If it’s a misunderstanding of the project goals, try to be as clear as possible when explaining your plans. By addressing the root of the problem, you will be able to work more effectively and bypass getting slammed by your boss.

Use the criticism to improve

When your boss belittles everything you do, it can be frustrating. It may feel like they’re never satisfied with anything you do, and that you’re always under scrutiny. But remember, criticism is an opportunity for growth. Use it to identify your weaknesses and work on improving them.

Try not to take criticisms personally. Remember, your boss is just trying to help you become a more promising worker in your field. Stay positive, focused, and motivated, and use the feedback to make changes that will benefit both you and your boss.

As we close, we would like to remind you that we understand how demoralizing it can be when your boss criticizes everything you do. However, there are ways to handle this situation so that you can maintain your work productivity. Take time to reflect on what your boss is saying and see if there are any truths to it. If you are still clueless, talk to your boss about the criticism and try to get more clarity on what they are looking for. Should all else fail, perhaps it’s time to hand in that resignation letter.