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Make a Six Figure Income as a Fashion Blogger? Well, she just did.

Weworewhat instagram Photo: @weworewhat/Instagram

Step aside Singapore’s bloggers.

Meet the new Instagram sensation who has recently hit 1 million followers last month.

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What (@weworewhat) is a popular US’s fashion blogger that has set the fashion world abuzz with her inspiring street style.

Since started in 2011, she has amassed over 6,000 posts on her Instagram and is currently rank 1852nd in the World on Social Blade — a website that measures social media presence.


Photo: @weworewhat/Instagram

Bernstein had revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she charges between US$5,000 to US$15,000 for each piece of sponsored content. And mind you, she don’t have to write a long review like any other bloggers did — instead, she just need to pose and get a #instaworthy shot of herself featuring a brand onto Instagram.

On average, if you have hundreds of thousands of followers you can make anywhere from $500 to $5,000 a post, but if you have upwards of 6 million followers, your fee can be $20,000 to $100,000 a shot. “Which is kind of crazy,” Rankin says. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Of course, having the opportunities to work with big brands such as Lancôme and H&M helps.


weworewhatliterally on the move with @lancomeusa #miracleonthemove makeup | #ad (Photo: @weworewhat/Instagram)

Companies and brands shell out billion of dollars each year on sponsored content from the so-called new generation of social influencers. Being able to attract followers on Instagram (or other social media platforms) is a serious business.

Even Bernstein said: “Without my followers, i would not be where i am today”

For some, the holy grail of having a huge fan base would almost put you in the rank of celebrities.

Kelly Cutron, a judge on America’s Next Top Model, said to The New York Post:

Are bloggers important? Yeah they f–king are. They’re super important. Bloggers are being paid to sit in the front row, and editors aren’t. They’re talent along with reality-TV people and actors.

With the advent of Internet and technology, Generation Z social-media influencers are changing the way how brands engage their audiences. In fact, a recent research from BDMI has shown that social influencers have a far better reach than the brand itself.

BDMI Social Media

(Chart: BDMI)

Well, then what about the local scene? Let’s not entirely discredit our own Singapore-based fashion bloggers. We do have some popular fashion tastemakers who have got their own taste of success. Ms Andrea Chong (@dreachong) who first started out as a fashion model years ago now boasts an impressive amount of followers on her Instagram. She has worked with numerous brands such as Victoria Beckham, H&M, D&G, Kate Spade Saturday and more.

Drea Chong


Her street casual style has definitely won the heart of her fans from all walks of life. And she’s not afraid to share too. Last year, she ran a workshop on “I Want A Fashion Blog” and she covered topics like photography, blogging to social media marketing. If you have missed that, follow her on Facebook and Instagram to get your daily dose of OOTD and fashion tips.

Can you make that kind of money as a fashion blogger? You certainly can. But to make that amount of money, it takes a lot of hard work and passion in the ever growing niche.

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