How To Efficiently Sell Your Items On Instagram

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Instagram plays an integral part in our lives. For many Singaporeans, they treat Instagram (IG) as an catalog showcasing the latest in lifestyle and beauty. It allows retailers to use the word-of-mouth marketing strategy to build their clientele.

With about 75% of online businesses taking part, to miss out on IG can be a bad idea. You need to swim with the waves of time! That being said, you must optimize you must start with optimizing your Instagram profile.


Let’s face it! It is human nature to judge based on appearance. Thus, you must optimize your Instagram Business Profile. Spend as much time and effort needed to curate an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Do not forget to include the following elements:

A. Profile Picture allows your consumers to identify your brand easily. So, choose a logo with the highest resolution.

B. Bio lets your consumers know exactly what you can offer. Keep your description clear and concise with a touch of wits or humor.

C. URL section in the bio encourages the consumers to click your website in a snap! Attach a link to shop to increase the drive of traffic to your website.


Parade the people who believe in your brand by checking out the tagged photos. Post your consumers’ photos with their feedback to entice your audience. This phenomenon is called the Social Proof, whereby people respond positively to what others enjoy and avoid what others dislike.

A testimonial photo seems more authentic and reliable as you are giving the shoppers a real sense what the product looks like. Moreover, you may set up an Instagram Story Highlight that includes all the tagged or feedback photos.


It comes as no surprise that using Instagram ads can help sell your products or services. With continued changes to the Instagram algorithm and heightened competition to have your content be seen, Instagram ads are crucial to your marketing strategy. Select a specific target audience to optimize it.

A business profile allows you to set up an ad, to control how much you spend, and to select the length of an ad. It allows businesses to choose target options that best suit their needs. For example, I can choose to target the people in Changi Airport to sell my “Bali Unforgettable Travels” book.

It is easiest to run ads by promoting posts you have shared on Instagram. Select the post you want to boost by hitting the “Promote” button upon posting. Set up your audience and your budget. Double-check the details before hitting the “Confirm” button.

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I suggest that you start with a small budget and run the ad for a few days to test things out. Once you are happy with the results, you can expand its running duration. Track how your ad is performing by clicking “View Results” in the bottom left corner of your ad. It helps to boost the photos that best represents your brand or photos that include some Instagram influencers!

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