6 Perks Of Using Instagram For Business

As social media usage continues to increase across all demographics, social media marketing has become a viable strategy for businesses. Social media marketing gives companies a way to engage with existing consumers and reach new ones while allowing the businesses to promote their desired tone, culture, and mission. One of the well-known platforms that Singaporeans frequent is Instagram (IG).

With over a billion users worldwide, it would be foolish to skip on the advantages of using Instagram for your business!


Using Instagram allows you to connect to multiple channels to increase your engagement. You can put the Instagram button to your website to connect your clients to your profile.

As they scroll through your gallery of IG photos, clients can click through your account and start following you. They are likely to re-connect with you later.


As visual content is more attractive than chunky text, Instagram provides a huge opportunity for marketers to showcase their products or services. Instead of sending your brochure through email, you can use photos and videos to create a more compelling message.

Photos give your business a chance to highlight your products, while videos show your services in action. Post your company background and behind-the-scenes videos to help create your brand’s image.


When you post something on Instagram, many of your followers are likely to see it.

Image credits: unsplash.com

In 2016, IG users liked over 4.2 billion posts per day. Posts with at least one hashtag got an average of 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags. Imagine the difference in these numbers due to the recent global lockdowns.


Instead of shelling out cash to hold another photoshoot, you can re-use your existing marketing materials and post them on IG. Re-use these photos across your channels and select the best images for your ads.

As we are all crunched for money and time, it is best to work smart.


IG allows you to research and learn what your clients like. Use your content insights to understand the preferences of your clients. This is an important tool that help you create an accurate profile of your typical client.

This way, you will be able to improve your marketing strategy and grow the number of verified leads in time.


The word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy. It helps you to convince potential clients as satisfied clients speak on your behalf.

Image credits: unsplash.com

Keep generating good feedback and building stronger relationships with your loyal clients by selecting some of them as your IG brand ambassadors.

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Surefire Ways To Sell Your Items On Instagram

Whether Snapchat agrees or not, Instagram reigns supreme when it comes to engaging its audience. These days, many Singaporeans refer to Instagram as their catalogue of all things travel or lifestyle-related.

Consider the following tips to help you figure out how to sell your items on Instagram with or without its pesky algorithm.


Over 200 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis. More than one-third of this number view stories for business purposes. Instagram stories last for 24 hours, and they do not show the comments or likes publicly. This means that you can post as many stories as you want to feature a spotlight product or a flash sale.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Use text, drawing tools, stickers, and GIFs to bring your brand’s creativity to life.


As an Instagram user, you are probably aware of the importance of hashtags. Hashtags are important to brands as these tags direct the specific consumers. Branded hashtags represent the majority of big brands such as #BMW or #Prada.

The most used hashtags come from these well-known brands. You may either use their power to your advantage by using related hashtags or use hashtags exclusive to your brand.


Instagram provides a variety of targeting options through its Instagram Ads feature. You can choose specific targets that will suit your business’ needs. With promotion, you can choose how much you will spend, where your ads will be seen, and how long you want to run them.

Simply set up your business profile account and click the “promote” button. Instagram ads are critical to the marketing strategies of any business.


With Instagram, you may host an Instagram-only promotion for your followers. They can click the link in your bio to join. To amp up your promotion, you may consider establishing partnerships with Instagram Influencers within the area such as Melissa Koh.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Instagram influencers continue to be popular given that sponsorships have nearly replaced digital ads these days. The personal recommendations that they add boost the brand’s image. The personal touch makes it easier for consumers to imagine themselves while using your products.

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How To Sell Your Items Beyond Facebook

Put your entrepreneur shades on and climb into a new terrain – the online business. It can be difficult to navigate, but every new venture presents its own challenges and opportunities.


When your product or service is solidified, research on the target market you aspire to tap. Identifying your target market and competition can help you decide the branding, pricing, and marketing strategies. Your website’s design must be attractive to your potential clients.

For instance, you are planning to sell sportswear. You may focus on several sports groups or teams in Singapore by joining running events or swimming meets.


Choosing the right platform is just as important as the product or service you sell. Ensure that you sign up for an all-in-one solution that allows you to showcase your items and to sell it thru a shopping cart software. This way, you would not need to hire someone to code your transactions. Consider these platforms:

A. Instagram

If you are looking at the contemporary scene whereby Millennials and Centennials frequent, consider opening a shop in Instagram. It is the perfect platform to sell clothes. Furthermore, there are no fees to list your images and there are no companies that will take over your prices. You are the boss!

Create a separate Instagram account with flat lay pictures to showcase your items. Then, put hashtags like #clothessingapore, #sgblogshop, #shopmycloset, #instacloset, #instasale, and #clothesforsale. These tags will help potential clients find your profile.

B. Craigslist

For local selling that goes straight to the point, try posting in Craigslist. This website may not look as flashy as other marketplaces, but it is reliable. It will connect you to buyers using your own terms. It is free to list and sell. Just meet up with the buyer to complete the transaction.

Simply look for the category that you are eyeing for and list the item you want to sell. People are attracted to Craigslist due to its simplistic nature.

C. Etsy

For people who love to sell artistic homegrown goods, they go to Etsy. It is one of the biggest online platforms across the globe, which houses unique and quirky products.

I often go to Etsy to search for craftsy items that my friends will be delighted to receive as gifts.


The final step is to build your online store. Customize a theme that will attract your clients. Follow your branding. You may also set up folders or categories for each item you upload. Put as much information as you can.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Lastly, you may assign shipping and payment methods to ease the process. Consider websites that allow you to build a page for free such as wix.com.


How To Efficiently Sell Your Items On Instagram

Instagram plays an integral part in our lives. For many Singaporeans, they treat Instagram (IG) as an catalog showcasing the latest in lifestyle and beauty. It allows retailers to use the word-of-mouth marketing strategy to build their clientele.

With about 75% of online businesses taking part, to miss out on IG can be a bad idea. You need to swim with the waves of time! That being said, you must optimize you must start with optimizing your Instagram profile.


Let’s face it! It is human nature to judge based on appearance. Thus, you must optimize your Instagram Business Profile. Spend as much time and effort needed to curate an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Do not forget to include the following elements:

A. Profile Picture allows your consumers to identify your brand easily. So, choose a logo with the highest resolution.

B. Bio lets your consumers know exactly what you can offer. Keep your description clear and concise with a touch of wits or humor.

C. URL section in the bio encourages the consumers to click your website in a snap! Attach a link to shop to increase the drive of traffic to your website.


Parade the people who believe in your brand by checking out the tagged photos. Post your consumers’ photos with their feedback to entice your audience. This phenomenon is called the Social Proof, whereby people respond positively to what others enjoy and avoid what others dislike.

A testimonial photo seems more authentic and reliable as you are giving the shoppers a real sense what the product looks like. Moreover, you may set up an Instagram Story Highlight that includes all the tagged or feedback photos.


It comes as no surprise that using Instagram ads can help sell your products or services. With continued changes to the Instagram algorithm and heightened competition to have your content be seen, Instagram ads are crucial to your marketing strategy. Select a specific target audience to optimize it.

A business profile allows you to set up an ad, to control how much you spend, and to select the length of an ad. It allows businesses to choose target options that best suit their needs. For example, I can choose to target the people in Changi Airport to sell my “Bali Unforgettable Travels” book.

It is easiest to run ads by promoting posts you have shared on Instagram. Select the post you want to boost by hitting the “Promote” button upon posting. Set up your audience and your budget. Double-check the details before hitting the “Confirm” button.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

I suggest that you start with a small budget and run the ad for a few days to test things out. Once you are happy with the results, you can expand its running duration. Track how your ad is performing by clicking “View Results” in the bottom left corner of your ad. It helps to boost the photos that best represents your brand or photos that include some Instagram influencers!

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5 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Take Better Travel Photos

Instagram has risen in popularity in the past few years, and many travellers use this platform to share their work, experience, and even tips for things related to travel and photography. It’s a good place to get travel inspiration, and also to share your travel photos.

Documenting your travel is an important part of the journey, so you can look back and remember all the adventures you’ve had. Instagram has been the place we often use to share our travel documentation, and it’s easy to print Instagram photos as travel keepsakes.

Of course, we want to make sure we take good travel photos for these purposes, and Instagram can actually help us improve our travel photography. Here’s how.

  1. Research and scout the locations

So many people these days post their travel photos and videos on Instagram, using geotags and hashtags to make them more discoverable. Thanks to these, you can get ideas for your next getaway. Moreover, Instagram can give you specific information that isn’t usually available on official tourism websites, and you get to ‘see’ the place through other people’s eyes to see whether it’s worth visiting.

What sort of information can you get from this? Plenty! For example, you can see whether there’s a good spot you can use to get a unique angle for your shot, or if there is any architecture or buildings you can use to frame your subject. If you’re want to check whether a place is crowded with tourists, you can use geotags to get a glimpse of the place.

  1. Find the ideas, and tweak them

Not only it’s a good place to research and scout the locations, Instagram (along with Pinterest) can also give you something else: an abundance of photo ideas. While in the old days we might have had to subscribe to travel magazines to learn the tricks of beautifully composed images, we can now learn from fellow Instagrammers.

See any images taken in your destination? Learn which composition works best, and try to come up with a unique angle and perspective that hasn’t been covered by other people. Having this in your plan before you travel can help you save the time when you’re there, and also prepare you to get creative with your photography.

  1. Use humans as your point of interest

It’s not always easy to take photos of a famous landmark without a few people in the frame. When it’s impossible to do that, use them to your advantage! Including them in the frame can add interest to your photo, as long as you know how to compose it. Many Instagram photos show us how we can incorporate human elements to add a sense of scale.

And while we’re on this topic, stay away from selfie shots if you want to create incredible travel photos. Ask your friend to take photos of you, or if you travel alone, ask a fellow traveller (tip: show them a shot as an example of how you want the photo to be composed, so all they have to do is replicate it. You’ll get much better results this way).

  1. Edit consistently

If there’s one thing that Instagram teaches us, it’s to have consistency, especially when it comes to editing. Not only does this make your photos and feed to look more cohesive, but it also helps you find and develop your own style in photography.

Editing plays an important role in creating a cohesive and consistent imagery. It’s where you transform your shots into images that are distinctively yours. How do you want your photos to look? Do you want them to have a warm tone with vibrant colours? Or do you favour muted colours with a darker tone? Explore your style and develop your own presets to make sure that your photos stand out.

  1. Learn how you can improve

Instagram photos can give us clues on what to improve. Pay attention to travel photos that grab your attention. Maybe it’s the negative space in the frame, or maybe it’s the human element, or the intricate details. Use Instagram feature ‘save to collection’ to build your own album of inspiration.

Another way you can learn from Instagram is by following accounts that share their tips on travel and photography. Many people use Instagram stories to share editing tutorials, travel hacks, and photography techniques, so make the most of it!

Your Instagram feed might look amazing with your holiday photos, but you need more than a display on a tiny screen for your precious travel memories. It’s really easy to print your travel photos online with Photojaanic and transform them into personalised travel keepsakes, like photobooks, wall art, postcards, or calendars.

Happy travelling!