Local Companies That Offer Space-Saving Furniture For Your Small Flat

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In response to the admiration that the “5 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Small Flat Without Spending Too Much” got, here is the list of the companies you can buy space-saving furniture from. This way, you can store more and keep more of your beloved items while maximizing the space. Interestingly, most of these companies are on a mission of decreasing the constraints of living on small space as our population continues to boom.

1. HWB Concept Pte Ltd (click for official website)

HWB, short for Hidden Wall Bed, is a company that specializes on wall-affixed beds that come in basic or designer style. What is amazing about their beds is that it can hold up to 70 KG with a mattress as thick as 5-11 inches. Furthermore, it can open at any angle even at 30 degrees without slamming down. They claim that their products can also endure the mounting of a 42″ LED TV. Such strength for a product that saves space!

If you have a style in mind, their beds are fully customizable to any ceiling height and you are free to choose from a myriad of finishes.

Here is a sneak peek at their iCON@CHANGI Small Home Office Showroom:

2. Space-Saving Furniture Systems 

Established in 2012, Space-Saving Furniture Systems offers beds that are designed and imported from the United Kingdom. To assess the safety of the beds, they were tested for thousands of cycles and were verified by the UK wall bed manufacturer itself. They guarantee highest standards that do not harm the price. For instance the Cosy Beds collection follow these prices…

Cosy vertical wall-bed with hanger at the back: S$1,500-2,100

Cosy vertical wall-bed: S$1,450

Cosy horizontal twin wall-beds: $2,600

What separates them from most is that, beds are super customizable! You can add features such as cupboards, bookshelves, and mattress. The wall-beds have 3-year warranty while the mattress have 5-15-year warranty. The two different brands of UK beds they carry are Next and Alpha.  Lastly, they sell wardrobe closets too! The wardrobe closet is priced at S$900-1,200.

3. Spaceman

Last but certainly not the least is the media acclaimed company called Spaceman. Spaceman delivers innovative and stylish space-saving furniture to beautify your place and meet your needs. Featured on The Straits Times, Expat Living, The Business Times, and Home & Decor among others, Spaceman strives to sell affordable products which is why their prices are fixed and displayed on their website.

From hidden beds or wall-beds to kitchen furniture, they have it all for you. Their economical hidden bed starts at S$1,100. While the bigger sizes cost S$3,170-3,552. You may fold it vertically or horizontally, to blend within your walls.

Currently, they are having a sale on this Rise Coffee Table + Dining Table (S$1,988):

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