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How To Appear More Professional At Work

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The truth is, no one is perfect! There will be days when you feel consumed by the weight of your work. In the fast-paced Lion City, there are several reasons why you may feel dragged. Perhaps you lack confidence on the management or you are too tired from yesterday’s night shift. Similar events can take a toll on your performance.

Fortunately for you, there are several steps to boost your professional image. You read that right! You can appear confident and motivated in the workplace, regardless of how you feel on the inside.


A night before you go to the office, the first step is to ensure that you wear an appropriate attire. Portraying a professional exterior is not limited to following the strict dress code. Your choice of clothing conveys your approach to work. If you want people to take you seriously, steer away from baggy pants or indiscreet dresses. These ill-fitting articles of clothing may convey the wrong impression to your employer and your clients. Opt for tailored pieces instead.

A sharp look can only be achieved if you pull it all together. This is why you must pay attention to minor details such as the wrinkles on your top or the loose threads on your trousers. Noticing these small details shows that you are likely to see the bigger picture when faced with certain situations at the workplace.


As Don Marquis, an American novelist and poet, once said: Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues.” He believed that punctuality must always be insisted on one’s subordinates. I cannot agree more! It is a virtue that exudes your respect towards the people around you.

If you are expected to be in the office by 9 am, arrive before 8:50 am. If your lunch break is at noon, ensure that you will be back by 1 pm. Punctuality manifests that you are motivated to accomplish your tasks. Make it a habit to be on time!

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Adding an email signature is the quickest way to show that you are communicating on a professional level. I am referring to the salutations that dictate your departure. It not only provides information for future reference, but it also differentiates your message from the spams.

A simple format includes your full name, your position, your contact number, and the company you work for. You may choose to make your email signature using inexpensive generators like NEWOLDSTAMP and HubSpot.


As your employer makes his rounds, he will notice the assembly of your desk. Scattered rubbish and excess litter can make your employer feel that you are distracted. It is best to keep things tidy! Start by organizing the items on your desk. Then, put the important papers in the labeled drawers or in the computer’s folders. Doing so will help you to stay on top of your projects or tasks.

Having a neat desk may seem like you have everything under control, even if you do not.


Seeking constructive feedback from your superior and your co-workers is the last step. The mere act of being critique sounds scary. However, it will help your performance in the long run. Getting feedback demonstrates that you care about your job and you desire to succeed in it.

Instead of focusing on what you did wrong, focus on your strengths and the areas that you can improve on.

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Professionalism refers to having the skills and the competence expected from an employee like you. The way you present yourself influences the level of professionalism that you exude. It is challenging to remain professional every minute of the day, but it gets easier when you make it a habit. Start with the relatively significant changes mentioned above.

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