How a minimalist lifestyle can improve your finances

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I’m sure many of us like to “show off” to our friends, don’t we? That’s why our social media facades make us feel so good.

Some of us go to the extreme to buy branded stuff or take on debt to buy a luxury car, while some spend beyond our means to take on social media-approved vacations.

But eventually, you will realize it’s such a waste of money. Especially when the credit card bills arrive.

But all is not lost. If you would only make the right turn now, this—a minimalist lifestyle—can save you.

Buy less, save more

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? When you buy less, you save more.

In this way, you’re investing your money in important things and not in unimportant ones. Your hard-earned money can be used for what matters—like furthering your studies/skills upgrading and on essential things like rent and bills.

Declutter by selling used/unused items

If you’ve got clothes and items that you’ve never/lightly used, why not sell them to someone in need?

While you may not be able to “make money,” you’re sure to recoup some cash. 

With apps like Carousell, it’s easier to buy and sell online.

Some items can fetch quite a fair bit if it’s still in good condition but make sure your photos are flattering as well. I’ve personally sold a ton of stuff on Carousell in the past so I know it works.

Just remember to exercise caution when dealing with strangers since scams are on the rise everywhere.

Find fulfillment without extravagant purchases

The money spent to get that Chanel bag or that Rolex watch can be better used elsewhere.


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Yes, they may look nice and “elevate” your social status but what for if you’re spending future money you’ve yet to earn?

Living with less can provide more focus and value to your possessions too. Also, reducing clutter and distractions can lead to better living.

Instead of buying things all the time, why don’t you concentrate on self-improvement? Invest more in yourself so you can keep up with the AI advancements and keep your job!

Or you can consider sharing your time, money, or skills with others in need. Mentoring or volunteering can bring you more inexpressible joy than any branded bag out there.

Financial freedom is within reach

Aren’t you tired of chasing pleasure and money? No one can stop you if you’re born rich but if you’re not, seeing the interest rolling alongside your debt is a real headache.

Financial freedom is within reach if you would only stop and break free from all this spending frenzy.

And you can do so via intentional spending. Put thorough thought into your purchases, and stop buying things for the sake of short-term pleasure. Spend only on things you need and are essential for day-to-day living.

Once you become more intentional with your money, you can free up your budget to pay off debt. That should be the 1st goal if you’re in debt.

In a nutshell, living a minimalist lifestyle could be a great way to help improve your financial situation. You can save money by focusing on buying only the items that you need without having to worry about maintaining a lifestyle that is beyond your means. I’m not asking you to go overboard with the minimalism though—you can start small and work your way up, even if it’s just removing a few luxury items from your wardrobe or streamlining your expenses. Any baby steps you take now will help you out in the long run, and you just might find yourself appreciating life more when all the extra “stuff” isn’t weighing you down.

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