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FairPrice Xtra has an entire section selling Hello Kitty and My Melody everyday items at $2 each

Hello Kitty, My Melody and other Sanrio items at $2

If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters, check out these Sanrio merchandise on sale at FairPrice Xtra.

FairPrice has a ‘Daiso-style’ section known as Komonoya Osaka Japan that sell everyday items at $2 each. You can find most of them at FairPrice Xtra outlets in Singapore.

For a limited time only till 2nd September 2020, over 50 Sanrio items featuring Hello Kitty and My Melody will be on sale for $2 each including cups, bowls, chopsticks, storage boxes, shopping bags, wet tissues and more.

You can check out what’s on sale below:

There are about 4 shelves displaying Sanrio-character products.

You can find everyday items such as wet tissues and more for $2.

Hello Kitty cups and bowls at $2 each.

There are also My Melody and Gudetama merchandise.

Hello Kitty storage boxes:

Hello Kitty casings for jewelries, medicine and earphones.

Gudetama, My Melody and Hello Kitty bell charms:

Hello Kitty and My Melody travel compression bags:

Little Twin Star Mesh Case and Gudetama Shoulder Bag:

Hello Kitty and My Melody Insoles.

Gudetama and My Melody Shoulder Bag:

My Melody Name Tag and more

Gudetama and My Melody fork, spoons and chopsticks

Little Twin Star, My Melody stickers, tape cutters, laundry pole holder

Hello Kitty Sink Pocket

Hello Kitty Pocket Holders

My Melody Shopping Bag

Hello Kitty Shopping Bags

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