Don’t let your remote job create unwanted FOMO, fight it with these tips

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You’ve been working from home for a while now and it’s been great.

You’ve got the flexible hours and work-life balance you always wanted, but there’s one nagging fear that’s been hanging over your head: FOMO.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” It’s that feeling of anxiety and insecurity that comes along with the fear of being left out or not participating in something. And unfortunately, it’s a very real fear for many remote workers.

But don’t worry, below, we’ve outlined some tips to help you manage your FOMO and stay productive while working from home.

Identifying FOMO triggers

The first step in managing your fear of missing out is identifying its triggers.

For most people, FOMO kicks in when they see their colleagues post about all the fun things they’re doing on social media.

It might also be triggered by a work-related event that you’re unable to attend, or simply being alone and feeling like you’re missing out on all the action. Once you know what triggers your FOMO, you can start developing strategies to deal with it.

Fight comparison with gratitude

What’s another good way to deal with feeling left out? The answer is gratitude.

When you’re grateful for what you have, it’s easier to focus on your own life and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you’re busy being grateful for all the good in your life. So start a gratitude journal, or simply take a few minutes each day to list five things you’re grateful for. It can be anything from the rain to your fluffy cat or your loving partner.

The more you focus on the good things, the less room there is for envy and FOMO to take hold.

How to reduce FOMO-induced anxiety
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There are ways to manage this anxiety and reduce its effects on your mental health.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make a point to stay connected to your team. Even though you’re not in the office, stay connected to your team via chat platforms, email, or video conferencing. This will help you feel like you’re part of the conversation.
  • Set boundaries. Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7. Make sure to set boundaries for yourself so that you have downtime and aren’t constantly checking work email when you’re off the clock.
  • Get out and socialize. One of the best ways to fight FOMO is to get out and socialize with friends and family. Schedule regular get-togethers and make sure to unplug from work during that time. You will find that you can start to relax and enjoy yourself more when you’re not constantly worried about what’s going on at the office.
Distinguish between online and offline experiences

When you’re experiencing FOMO, remember that not all experiences are created equal.

Just because you see someone having a great time offline doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on something equally valuable by not being there in person.

So when you start to feel FOMO creeping in, take a step back and ask yourself if the experience you’re missing out on is really something that you would enjoy or if it’s just something that looks good from afar.

At the end of the day, remember that you’re in control of your remote job. You get to choose how you spend your time, and you don’t have to let your remote job create any unwanted FOMO. With these tips, you can fight back and make sure that you’re fulfilled in your position. Take pride in having the freedom to work from anywhere!

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