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An experienced executive recruiter shares ways on how to cope with rejection from job search

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We get it. You’ve been sending out resumes and going for interviews but to no avail. Coupled with the pandemic with no clear end in sight, it’s tough to cope. In fact, more job cuts are expected amid COVID-19 according to Singapore’s tripartite advisory. The competition for job openings is definitely intense out there.

Furthermore, it’s probably common to be faced with more rejections in recent months. We understand it’s not easy to deal with them… especially if you’re constantly worried about your monthly expenditures and how to keep up with your daily spendings. Thankfully, an experienced executive recruiter shares with us some ways to cope with rejection.

#1: Everyone is in this together

While it’s possible to step out of an interview feeling like you’ve aced it, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a reply from the interviewer. Take some comfort in knowing that everyone else is in the same situation together. You’re not the only person having feelings of fear, stress, or situational depression from rejection.

#2: It’s just not meant to be

Overthinking might be the worst thing to do after being ghosted or rejected. If you’re trying to find some closure, maybe telling yourself that ‘it’s just not meant to be’ will work. As cliche as it sounds, the right time (and position) will come when it’s due. Not getting selected for a position doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not good enough.

#3: Look within yourself
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You may be highly competent for a job on paper and experience-wise but sometimes it’s good to look within yourself. By that, we mean an analysis of your approach. How do you think you carry yourself during an interview? When asked why you left your previous position, do you start to unload by putting the blame on your ex-colleagues? Or do you exude positive attitudes instead?

#4: Ask for an opinion and adapt

If you think the constant rejections you’ve received have to do with the way you speak or approach an interview, ask for an opinion. Gather a few friends you can trust or mentors you look up to and share your interview style. Listen to their honest feedback and make the change if necessary. Then, keep practising till you’re confident of your pitch.

#5: Adjust your definition of success

Here, we’re talking about managing your expectations. Your pre-pandemic job goals might make sense in a strong job market. But we all know that’s not the case as the world battles the virus and its effects on our lives. Even if your present circumstances might seem far from your original dream job, celebrate the small victories along the way.

#6: Be well aware of your outstanding qualities
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Constant rejection can zap away your confidence and make you doubt the good qualities you have. It’s important to be well aware of your outstanding qualities and triumphant achievements in the past no matter the job interview result. To help counter a negative thought, mentally recall a moment in time where you managed to prevail over adversity.

#7: Keep a list of positive affirmations

You will be surprised to know the marvellous effects of positive affirmations on a tired and defeated mind.

“This is merely a minor setback; I will find a new job!” 

“Just because I was rejected for the job does not diminish my self-worth and value.” 

“I am smart, talented, and have a lot to offer.”

“I won’t give up and will make it through this tough time!”

#8: Take good care of yourself

You’re the only person in full control of your mind, body, and spirit. To cope with rejection the healthy way, it’s essential to take good care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and keep up with that positive social interaction. It also helps to expose yourself to stories of successful people who’ve gone through the fire pit and risen up stronger. The right time will come for you. Take heart!

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