3 tabletop water dispensers under $200 you can buy so you won’t have the excuse to not drink up

Bruno Hot Water Dispensers

Want to readily have clean, fresh water on standby?

When you’re busy and dehydrated, having a water dispenser provides the motivation you need to stay hydrated.

Here are 3 options under $200 to consider.

Aerogaz 2.3L Instant Boiler Water Dispenser

Aerogaz AZ-289IB, premium digital instant hot water dispenser 2.3L

Price: $79.90 (was $89)

First up, we have this affordable compact dispenser that brews boiled water in an instant.

Select from seven temperature settings ranging from 45 to 100 degrees Celsius, as well as 4 volume options up to 300 ml, and the Aerogaz boiler dispenses your desired amount of hot water in just 5 to 10 seconds. The digital control panel features an LED display for easy viewing, letting you precisely set the temperature and volume for making tea, coffee, instant noodles, and more.

Crafted from durable materials in a stylish black or white finish, this space-saving appliance is a must-have for any kitchen, dorm room, or office pantry. With the touch of a button, enjoy instantly boiled water anytime, anywhere.

Toyomi 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser

TOYOMI 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 8845F

Price: $199

Toyomi’s sleek water dispenser goes from zero to boil in just 5 seconds flat.

Its cutting-edge technology and 6-stage filtration system work together to deliver clean, hot water instantly on demand for tea, coffee, or just a refreshing cup. Simply choose from 5 preset temperatures and 4 volume options for the perfect cup every time.

An advanced boiling system and high-pressure pump bring water up to a scalding 100 degrees Celsius while a high-temperature sterilization cycle destroys bacteria for the purest, safest cup. Just replace the filter cartridge every 6 months or after 1800L for optimum performance.

With the Toyomi water dispenser by your side, you will always have an endless supply of filtered water at your fingertips whenever and however you like it.

Bruno Hot Water Dispenser

BRUNO Hot Water Dispenser

Price: $199

This sleek, slender water dispenser brings the joy of customizable hot water right to your fingertips.

Available in dreamy lavender and pink hues as well as classic white, the Bruno Water Dispenser heats up as fast as 3 seconds and offers 5 precise temperature modes to suit your drink preferences. Whether you need boiling water for tea or a gentle 80 degrees for your morning coffee, this compact wonder dispenses just the right temperature every time.

The easy-fill, 2.5L water tank slides right in for fast refills and simple cleaning, while the auto child lock ensures safety when not in use. Ideal for busy working parents, young professionals, or anyone who appreciates convenience and style in the kitchen, this minimalist hot water dispenser eliminates the need for clunky kettles and allows you to brew that cup of comfort whenever the mood strikes.

All things considered, these 3 tabletop water dispensers, each under $200, are not just affordable but also enhance your health by promoting regular hydration. Believe it or not, drinking water has never been so easy and convenient. So, kick those excuses to the curb and make a wise investment in one of these water dispensers. Drink up, stay hydrated, and let your body feel the difference!

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