[$1 Promotion] Enjoy Shake Shake In A Tub Triple $1 Deals at their latest 111 Somerset Café!

Shake Shake In A Tub just opened their flagship café at 111 Somerset, with new dine-in offerings on top of their well-loved chicken and fries!

In celebration of the opening of its café, they will be offering the following promotions exclusively at their 111 Somerset café from 12th to 14th June 2022:

12th June 2022 (Sunday) $1 Regular Shoestring Fries (Truffle or BBQ Flavour)

(max. 2 orders per customer)

13th June 2022 (Monday) $1 Regular Popcorn Combo (Truffle or Curry Sauce)

(max. 2 orders per customer)

14th June 2022 (Tuesday) $1 Shake Shake Chicken (Spicy or Soy Garlic, 1 flavour per order)

($1/pc, 10 pieces of chicken per order ($10), max. 2 orders per customer)

Shake Shake In A Tub 111 Somerset Flagship Café

Address:               #01-08, 111 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238164

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily


Facebook and Instagram: @shakeshakeinatub

Hashtags: #shakeshakeinatub


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