You can now buy KitKat Teh Tarik from Giant

Try the all new KitKat Teh Tarik today

All-aboard the brand wagon with flavourful and colourful twists and turns to local delights! How can anyone resist the full-bodied, creamy and soothing flora scent of a steaming cup of hot Teh Tarik, the choice beverage of Malaya.

This time, KitKiat has successfully hit the sweet spot with a spicy local infusion to its iconic 3-layer crispy wafer centre, tantalising milk tea top and smooth milk chocolate backing. Who would have thought that a simple visit to a coffeeshop, observing how the locals live up dull moments by dipping KitKat into an artfully pulled milk tea could produce such as exquisite confection?

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Go on, grab your favourite Duo Teh Tarik at $4.95 from Giant.

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