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Why you should not retire early

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There’s emerging proof retirement doesn’t just mean a few more years of tennis, fishing, and overseas trips. Choosing when to retire is a complicated choice that isn’t only based on financial considerations. Your overall wellness, family duties, and personal goals all play a role or should play a large part. The most crucial question is whether you’ve considered what you want to accomplish with your senior years, no matter how long they may be. Whatever your answer may be, here’s



6 Essential Reasons Why You Should Learn To Invest

Investing is the act of allocating your money in the hopes that you will achieve a profit in the future. The money generated from your investments can provide income and fulfillment of long-term financial security. Now is the ideal time to start investing! Allow me to convince you with these “6 Essential Reasons Why You Should Learn To Invest”. #1: WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER Many people do not think about investments until they are well into their 20s or 30s.


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5 Luminous Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us About Money

The magical story of a young wizard named Harry Potter has captured the hearts of fans of all ages and with a good reason. In fact, I am wearing my Hufflepuff shirt while I am writing this. Despite being in a fictional world, the Harry Potter characters’ financial problems cannot be solved with a wave of a wand. They also have to struggle with the challenges of saving, spending, and growing money throughout the series. Here are just some of



How To Save For Retirement As A Young Adult

Time is of the essence. Crippled with all the uncertainties brought by the pandemic, having reserved funds can help cushion the blow of unforeseen events such as pay cuts and layoffs. Saving money is important, especially when your finances are limited. Consider saving money to grow your emergency and retirement fund. Retirement may seem like a long walk ahead for someone in his or her 20s or 30s. However, it is best to start saving for retirement before you hit