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9 Things You Will Learn From The Google Digital Garage

The increasing demands of Digital Marketing in corporations, agencies, and small businesses paved way for the creation of digital marketing professionals. There is an increase interest in this field, which is fueled by competition. If you want to claim a coveted spot in the Digital Marketing scene, this Google Course is for you. Simply go to to create an account. Apart from that, here are some things you may want to know. #1: GOOGLE DIGITAL GARAGE IS FREE The



5 Deals You Never Knew Existed

If you compare extensively across different websites to search for the best bargains or are not afraid to ask the auntie at your local mom and pop shop for a discount, this post is totally for you. For those who have always been too shy to haggle for discounts, this article will benefit you even more. Introducing 99%SME, a dedicated eMarketplace where our local small and medium businesses (SMEs) offer special deals that promise fantastic savings. Without further ado, here


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3 Key Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Sales

Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to meet sales objectives. As we are progressing tremendously into the technological world, it is imperative that businesses leverage the digital realm to speak to their target markets in more effective ways. Here are three useful digital marketing tips you should consider as part of your overall sales strategy. Build an SEO-friendly website Having an online presence is the basic necessity to thrive in the digital world. With 4.92 million internet users in