5 Deals You Never Knew Existed

If you compare extensively across different websites to search for the best bargains or are not afraid to ask the auntie at your local mom and pop shop for a discount, this post is totally for you. For those who have always been too shy to haggle for discounts, this article will benefit you even more. Introducing 99%SME, a dedicated eMarketplace where our local small and medium businesses (SMEs) offer special deals that promise fantastic savings. Without further ado, here are 5 deals you never knew existed.

1. Salted Egg Fish Skin from Crusty’s Singapore

NOW $6.00 (U.P. $8.50) Save 29%!

2. Pineapple Tart Cushion Food Plush from Nom & Co

NOW $27.90 (U.P. $34.90) Save 20%!

3. Natural Felted Soap from Simply for Love

NOW $9.90 (U.P. $15) Save 34%!

4. Baseus Wireless Portable Power Bank from GXM Pte Ltd

NOW $19.90 (U.P. $29.90) Save 33%!

5. Pearl Boba Milk Tea Ambient Light from Toy Galleria

NOW $23.92 (U.P. $29.90) Save 20%

99%SME for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you an SME with amazing deals and products like some of the businesses featured above?

Don’t let your deals go unnoticed anymore! Jump on the bandwagon now and reach a wider audience effortlessly by selling online with 99%SME. 99%SME is a campaign started by DBS and Singtel in 2015 to help small and medium businesses to go digital. It has since gained tremendous traction and helping Singapore SME go places. The fantastic news for you is that 99%SME is totally free to join and advertise!

Getting Started on 99%SME – 3 Steps is All It Takes

To get started on creating your online store that comes with your own branding, all it takes it just 3 easy steps. Simply follow this step-by-step instruction and you are on your way.

  1. Enter your business details
  2. Upload your products
  3. Select payment and shipping options

Selling online is as easy as 1-2-3.

Click here to join as a seller on 99%SME now!


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