Irresistible 50% Discount on Everyday Items For NTUC Union & Plus! Members Till 15 Jul

FairPrice is launching an irresistible 50% discount on everyday items to help local residents get more value out of their grocery budgets.  Held over 4 weeks from 18 June to 15 July 2020, NTUC Union members and Plus! Card holders will enjoy 50% off 8 different products each week.

The 8 products, ranging across various categories such as fresh produce, grocery, non-food, imports will be refreshed every Thursday during the promotion period. This means a whopping total number of 32 items will be on half price! These great deals would definitely help NTUC Union members and Plus! Card holders lower their grocery expenditures massively.

Items on discount during the 1st week (18- 24 June)

During the first week of this amazing promotion, get your hands on Olivoila Spaghetti (now at $1.20, U.P.$2.40) and Lee Kum Kee Seafood XO Sauce (now at $7.95, U.P.$15.90)! While working from home, stay energised with the OWL 3-in-1 Instant Coffee (now at $2.25, U.P.$4.50). Finally, do not forget to end your day with some sweet treats, combine Meizan flour (now at $1.10, U.P. $2.20) with some Royal Gala Apples (now at $2.60, U.P.$5.20) to whip up some really tasty pastries like apple crumble as we continue to embrace the current baking frenzy.

If cooking is not for you, other everyday items included in this irresistible promotion include:

NICE 2-Ply Tissue Roll (now at $2.15, U.P.$4.30)

TESCO Charcoal Dehumidifier (now at $3.45, U.P.$6.90)

KA 3-in-1 Laundry Capsules Universal (now at $29.40, U.P.$58.80)

As you can tell, the 8 items featured in the promotion are everyday items that you would have put in your shopping cart anyway! It is an absolutely massive savings opportunity now that they are available at only half their usual prices!

Other Ways To Save With NTUC FairPrice

Even better,  Senior discounts can also be stacked on the products already on 50% discount during the promotion period! Seniors who go shopping on these days score even more savings:

  • Monday – 3% Pioneer Discount Scheme. Pioneer Generation cardholders must be present to show Pioneer Generation card.
  • Tuesday – 2% Seniors Discount Scheme. Senior shoppers aged 60 years and above must be present to show NRIC.
  • Wednesday – 3% Pioneer & Merdeka Discount Scheme. Pioneer & Merdeka Generation cardholders must be present to show Pioneer or Merdeka Generation card.

Not to forget that all these promotional items are eligible to earn LinkPoints. LinkPoints earned can be redeemed to offset the cost of your purchases! Finally, conveniently pick up some Purchase with Purchase (PWP) items that are heavily discounted as long as you hit a minimum spend of $25.

50% Discount Exclusive To NTUC Union Members and Plus! Card Holders Only

This irresistible 50% discount on 32 items over the 4-week period is exclusively available at the stores and for NTUC Union member and Plus! Card holders only. To ensure that you are entitled to these massive savings, make sure you sign up to be a NTUC Union member or a Plus! Card holder if you are not already one! Remember to come by and shop at NTUC FairPrice stores to enjoy these discounts between 18 June to 15 July!

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