How to cope with being an outcast at work

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Being a social outcast at work isn’t a matter of life and death, and social discomfort can be resolved if you’re willing to try. Though there’s no denying that it’s an unpleasant feeling.

The good news is that being a more socially adjusted individual capable of integrating into their work setting and favorably engaging with colleagues is feasible. Yet, the process of reaching such a position varies depending on the individual and circumstance.

Read on for methods you can take to cope with being an outcast at work.

Observe the social norms

Fundamental social interaction concepts can be learned from books, seminars, or socially aware folks, but they can also be comprehended by carefully examining the people you work with. Observe to understand how extroverted and possibly these socially outstanding people operate in their job. Implementing these findings in a job environment may help you change your social conduct and wave goodbye to any awkwardness.

Make the effort to socialize
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Likely, you’re not throwing yourself out there enough at the workplace, which could explain your uneasiness. If that’s the case, attempt to establish commonalities with your coworkers. Taking the initiative might make you appear more personable and open doors for connections. Try to be more social by joining in on tea breaks or attending after-work social engagements. Your coworkers will feel more at ease with you during office hours if you develop a personal rapport with them.

Talk to a trusted friend or mentor

Even if they don’t work for the organization, a trustworthy buddy can often help. They might be able to provide insight, advice, or at the bare minimum, a listening ear. Alternatively, a mentor from outside your immediate work circle may give you unbiased, forthright feedback on which actions are preferred and which are not within the corporation. If you don’t have a role model, look for someone who has skillfully risen through the ranks of the company and with whom you believe you could have an open, honest discussion about how to better fit in.

It may be a sign to leave if you’ve tried all that you can and still don’t feel relief in your present circumstances. This is especially true if your distress is driving you to lie awake at night or you’re dragging your feet to work even after a year. At this juncture, cutting your hardship and starting over at a new company that is more compatible with who you are will empower you to be more genuine in your skin. In the long run, you could have a higher chance of accomplishing successes that will benefit both your company and your professional career.

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